“We were hooked, we were full to the brim of the best food ever”

Before and after

Before and after

Tracey and her husband had always struggled with weight and low-fat diet programs, and were tired of being hungry all the time. Then they found Diet Doctor and made a “tipsy” deal to test our free 2-week challenge (fully expecting it to fail).

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The E-mail

Dear Andreas,

I would like to share our success story with you, as both my husband Jeff and myself have lost a significant amount of weight and size following the plan since February 2016.

As a couple, we have always struggled with our weight, liking what we thought was all of the wrong stuff, failing miserable on Slimming World, Weight Watchers, having to count calories and do without the food we loved, such as the skin on chicken, the fat in belly pork, an egg fried in butter/lard/ghee, advocado in a salad, cheese, cream, streaky bacon. These were the myths we were led to believe that caused weight gain.

Therefore, we indulged in plans given to us by our slimming clubs to have lots of carbs, fruit, no fat on anything “Fry Light” was believed to be our best friend, not only did it cost a fortune to eat this way, we were always hungry, indulging in banana after banana to curb the hunger pangs!

Monday evenings were always a misery, having starved ourselves all day in the belief that it would show on the scales in our slimming club, we would wait anxiously in the queue, holding our diary trackers of our weight, pay a sum of £5.00 each for the privilege of stepping on the dreaded scales, and usually we would lose a couple of pounds, which would be gained the following week, as we are a couple that likes a glass of wine a couple of times a week, like a good tasty meal on a daily basis.

We were watching everything we ate, we became miserable with this, so we “gave up” the slimming club and just ate a carb-loaded diet and of course we gained even more weight!

We knew we needed a change, as we had booked a holiday in California, that involved lots of activities but one in particular needed our weights to book the flight over the Grand Canyon. We LIED and both said that we were 28 pounds (13 kg) lighter than we actually were! The holiday was booked for May 2016, and even with this date looming we still did nothing about our weight, until I chatted with our nurse at work here at the surgery who had lost a significant amount of weight following low-carb. I googled it and came across Diet Doctor and the free two-week challenge.

I admit that I thought it was going to be a fail, so we went to our local public house and had quite a lot to drink and made a “tipsy” deal that we would try it and see! I said to my husband, I will only try it if you go and clear our cupboards of anything low fat etc. as suggested, and that he did the grocery shopping for the week as suggested (it is always I who do the grocery shopping), so the challenge was on.

I came home from work and our cupboards were stripped of anything low fat and our fridge was stocked with food that seemed impossible to eat, we followed the plan meticulously for the two weeks, we rode through the symptoms following the advice and BOOM, we were hooked, we were full to the brim of the best food ever, no hunger pangs, no cravings and we both lost approximately 10 pounds (4 kg) each, but more crazily we lost inches in places that we did not lose inches from before. We love this way of eating, so we carried on and the pounds and inches just fell off, we don’t exercise as our lives are busy with work and I do not particularly like exercise anyway.

We are both 63 pounds (29 kg) lighter now, and our life is GREAT! We enjoy good food and I am always using recipes from Diet Doctor, we cook everything in ghee, we very rarely need to snack and if we do we have fat-filled snacks so BOOM the hunger disappears. We drizzle our salads with oil and tasty dressings, mayonnaise is high on our list too (something that we had to measure by the teaspoon before…)

Our biggest challenge along the way was the three weeks in California, we were worried about what we would eat, we need not have bothered as we both lost weight when we were there as the food was the best part of LCHF, omelettes with bacon for breakfast, chicken wings, steaks, the food naturally fitted in with our way of living, my husband particularly loved the burgers over there (bun ditched of course), but smothered with crispy bacon and cheese was good enough for us.

We realised that we could also drink beer and wine when we were on holiday because our activity was high, we walked miles exploring. Sometimes we would think, when did we last eat, and realised that we had actually fasted for 24 hours in some cases, we were just too busy and not hungry.

I wish I had known that carbohydrates caused so many problems, I would have saved years of misery and lots of money too!

My husband and I would love to introduce LCHF over here in Wales. It is our life now and we have never had so many compliments, or comments of disbelief of what we are eating and still losing weight. I was previously very worried about our son’s forthcoming wedding in June 2017, what would I wear, how could I hide my bulging stomach and big arms, problem now solved, in fact I cannot wait to buy my outfit with the promise of some Christian Louboutin shoes off my husband too! My husband now fits in the same morning suit he did when we got married 32 years ago!

Just one more thing too, sorry my story is so long:- I drank indigestion liquids by the gallon prior to LCHF, I now never have indigestion or reflux so my health has improved too!

Thank you, DIET DOCTOR!

Kind Regards,


Congratulations to you and your husband’s health and weight improvements, Tracey! And thanks for your great story, a very enjoyable read!

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