Guides to low-carb living

Are you new to eating low carb? Feeling confused? Don’t know where to start?

We know that it isn’t easy to make changes for a healthier life. That’s why we’ve put together this page, where you can find guides to everything related to an enjoyable low-carb lifestyle.

Just choose a topic below for a practical guide on it.


A closer look at the guides

You can take a closer look at what the guides are about here by reading the descriptions below.


dining-out-800-rounded-ffDining out

How do you eat low carb at buffets, at a friend’s house and at fast­-food restaurants? This guide explains it all


fat-rounded800How to eat more fat

Fat is filling and an amazing flavor enhancer. But how do you get in enough of it in your diet? And how much fat should you really eat? We tell you in this guide


cheating-800-rounded-1Low-carb cheating

To cheat or not to cheat? Well, if you do decide to cheat, this guide will help you do it smarter


no-cooking-800-roundedHow to stay low carb when you don’t want to cook

Have you come home late? Are you tired? Unprepared? No worries ­– there are ways to “cook” delicious low­-carb meals even when you don’t feel like cooking



Breakfast is a great time to eat low carb. Who doesn’t love eggs and bacon? But there are so many other options – both delicious and fast



So, what’s for lunch and dinner? There are a million alternatives!
If you’re new to low carb, check out this guide to learn the basics of cooking amazing low­-carb meals



Do you have a hard time living without bread? There are good options, and bad options. Spoiler: you probably want to stay away from “low­-carb bread” from stores! To guide


snacks-800-roundedSnacks and dessert

You probably don’t need to snack as much when you’re eating LCHF, but if you want something right away there are several options


instead-800-roundedInstead of potatoes, pasta and rice

There are low­-carb alternatives to carb­-rich foods that are both tastier and healthier



Are you tired of lousy food options at every airport, train station or rest stop? Hit the road with confidence. A little preparation goes a long way


low-carb-kids-800-roundedLow carb for kids

Is low carb an option for children? And if so, how should it be done? This guide answers all questions you have about low carb for children


cheap-800-rounded-1How to make low carb cheap

People often believe that low carb has to be expensive, but that’s not true. There are many ways to make it super cheap. Here’s our guide to saving tons of money on low carb




New to LCHF and a little bit confused? No worries, others are too. That’s why we’ve put together this page with common questions and answers




Do you miss some specific guide above? Feel free to tell us about it in the comments below.