How Judy finally won over her migraines


Judy had been suffering from severe migraines for as long as she could remember. The crippling pain made it hard for her to have a normal life. She had tried everything to get better but nothing had worked.

She heard about the keto diet and started researching all she could find about it and finally decided to give it a go. This is her story:

I suffered from severe migraines my entire life. There is no memory as far back as I can remember, where the pain wasn’t part of my existence. Since very young, I have been prescribed powerful drugs that never helped me. Doctors, specialists, nutritionists, homeopathy, neurologists, need I go on? Nothing on this planet, including the most toxic of Botox treatments, helped me. A revolving door to the emergency ward after some migraines that would not go away after 15 days without intravenous interventions. The side effects from all these drugs were often worse than the pain I was dealing with. I could fill a bedroom with all the pills I have consumed in my life.

I could not hold a job because even though I did a great job when I was feeling up to the task, I could never blame any employer who had an issue me calling in sick at least half of the month. I would be lying on the couch in a dark room with ice on my forehead praying to die because even breathing caused acute pain. I was able to hear and see shadows pass my window and thinking how the world was going on right past me and I was never going to be able to participate in life as other people were fortunate to do. The financial burden of not being able to support myself was horrible and I felt like a burden to myself and my family. I couldn’t find a good reason for existing, what was the point to all of this?

This situation went on into my mid-fifties with no end in sight. I had tried gluten-free diets and the elimination diet where you get rid of everything and start introducing foods slowly to see if they triggered any migraines but nothing changed. I had no idea that I was anemic and that was a big contributor to dehydration and that is also not helping matters.

One day, about a year ago, I searched online to see if there was any new information or treatment for migraines and I came across the Keto diet. It was extremely confusing because every website contradicts the previous one. I got frustrated and stopped reading. I had been looking through Netflix and noticed a movie called The Magic Pill, sounded very promising. I saw the entire film and something clicked, so after much, much, much more sifting through countless sites I found Diet Doctor and said I’ve tried everything else, what the hey! I’ll try it for one month and see if it works.

I am so disappointed when I mention the keto diet and everyone says, oh, that’s the one where you eat loads of bacon and nothing else. The ridiculous rumors about this diet are so frustrating when you are trying to spread the word so others can be helped too. I have referred EVERYONE to the Diet Doctors website so they can learn for themselves. I am also a member of the site and encourage them to join.

The website was crucial in helping me navigate what to do and how to do it. So I noticed amazing weight loss, which was great because even though that’s not why I did this, it was the first positive side effect I had ever had. I also realized that it was not just eliminating gluten, but adding in the healthy fats to a degree that I was always told was bad for your health. But anyway, we can all stand to lose 30 pounds (14 kilos) on average. Then my high blood pressure disappeared and I was full of energy and my moods were light and positive.

I don’t have to tell you how chronic pain can cause depression and negative outlook on life. It didn’t happen right away but after about three months, instead of 15 migraines a month, I went to two or three migraines every two-three months and all very manageable with way less medication thrown at it. That was all the proof I needed. The brain is the problem, the brain is made of fat, feed the brain fat and the brain will stop torturing you.

Now I am not perfect and fell off the fat wagon during Christmas as so many of us do. It did not take long at all and the migraines were back with a vengeance. And so was the weight and lethargy. I am back on track now and even though I will always miss pasta, I don’t miss being in pain and there is no one that can’t do this if they want to feel better. Also, I did not mention that I own a bakery, and if I can avoid stuffing my face with cake all day, then anyone can do it. If I eat enough fat, I have no cravings, but if I don’t, then cheesecake is my downfall when no one is looking. Not my proudest moments😩

I am soooo very grateful to you for your easy common-sense approach the the best kept secret that everyone is finding out. I feel like the medical community is just waking up from alternate facts and that everything we have been taught till now is opposite to the truth. Results don’t lie and both my GP and my cardiologist have given me their blessing because the are able to read the truth for what it is. Healthy fats are your best friend and your body will reward you in ways you cannot imagine. Like owning a bakery and going to work every day. Contributing as a functioning member of society that pays taxes and comes home feeling the accomplishment of a life FINALLY WELL LIVED!

Thank you, Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt! You changed my life!


Congratulations Judy, and thank you for sharing your story. Also, thank you for your kind words, on behalf of the entire Team Diet Doctor.

Improvements in migraine is a common “side effect” of a low-carb diet, here are more amazing stories.

/ Andreas Eenfeldt, MD

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