“You helped to change my life, thank you!”

Before and after

Before and after

Here’s what happened to Sharon after she found LCHF last year. What a change!

The Email

I hope the pictures speak for themselves. Started sugar free in May 2014 after the holiday photo, moved on to LCHF in August, never felt better, psoriasis gone, 35 lbs (16 kg) down, bipolar disorder disappeared. You helped to change my life, thank you!

Oh, and apparently I don’t snore anymore, lol!!



Congratulations Sharon!

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  2. Valerie
    Congratulations, Sharon!

    I'm curious, do you have an idea of what improved due to suagr removal versus LCHF?

  3. Tamarah
    Amazing results Sharon,, Your Family and friends must be so proud of you. And you have the tools to never allow this to happen again, That's what I am looking forward to . I am down 30pds,, about 20 more to go . Ppl don't even notice because they have seen me gain and lose a number of times,, so they have no clue . Thanks so the inspiration . This is the last time for me,, trust me,, I plan to get to my leanest,, and stay there .


  4. sharon
    Hi Valerie, quitting sugar massively reduced cravings after three or four days, but LCHF meant no hunger, at all. I would never have believed that I could resist, "goodies" I have my whole family on it now, it took the whole year to convince them but I guess I am proof :-)
    Bulletproof coffee with double cream and coconut oil is our beverage of choice, even the kids are on board.
  5. sharon
    Tamarah, I feel the same, let the results speak for themselves, although I would love to start classes to show people, where I live, weightwatchers is popular, but people keep having to go back. I feel this is a permanent solution but unless you are prepared to quit sugar the cravings will never go and you will be trapped in the yoyo cycle. weightwatchers and slimming world allow sugar, and even encourage "treats" which just keep you hooked. you blame yourself for lack of willpower when really its your own body/brain addiction working against you. A battle you cant win. Good luck and well done :-)
  6. Mags
    Hi Sharon

    Yes congratulations from me too. Your thoughts on running classes - I'd love that!!! I did the LCHF for a month and hardly lost any weight at all? Not sure where I went wrong, perhaps consumed more carbs than I thought? Am about to start again and will not give up, but would be nice to meet up with people (like yourself) who have been so successful and who could share tips, recipies, etc, but no doubt we all live in different parts of the globe. But isn't this website the best? I've done WWs, Slimming World etc but I'm sure LCHF is definitely the way forward for me. Wish me luck.


  7. Ian
    G'day Sharron,
    Fantastic results.
    What a nice bonus to get rid of a couple of other complaints unexpectedly.
  8. Cathy
    If I had any doubts about this WOE, the fact that you Bipolar has gone ( or is at least stable)......well that swings it for me! Onwards I go with LCHF :)

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