“We don’t call it ‘a diet’ as for us, it’s about our ongoing health and it’s for life”

Before and after

Before and after

Nicky was researching ways to help her husband’s progressively worsened diabetes, and stumbled upon some videos on Netflix. They were true eye-openers and she and her husband decided to give low carb a go.

One year later, this is where they’re at:

The E-mail

Dear Andreas,

Thanks for the offer to share my story. I feel very humbled.

11th August just gone was the year anniversary that our lives changed for the better healthwise. Our journey (mine and my partner James) actually started as my quest to help him better HIS health.

Being a type 2 diabetic for more than 10 years, things were getting progressively worse for him in the health department and l was standing by getting more anxious by the day. As with most things that are life-changing, it all started by accident, and the rest, as they say, is history. :)

Discovering Netflix, l watched a duo of inspirational health-based films (Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 1 & 2). After that l was hooked, and continued with studying whatever I could in relation to nutrition and the chemistry behind what food does in our bodies (books, online articles, more films), all with the ultimate goal of helping James reduce his blood sugar readings to a more reasonable level, not the progressively elevating levels that they were.

The next books which influenced me were David Gillespie’s ‘Sweet Poison’ group of titles and then ultimately Dr William Davis’ ‘Wheat Belly’ series.

Well, l’m pleased to say we’ve managed to greatly improve James’ health to date by reducing his diabetes numbers from 9.9 mmol/L (178 mg/dl) AND RISING to the current 6.2 mmol/L (112 mg/dl), (that’s just within 4 short months), with the goal being to reverse his diabetes altogether! (…although I still can’t quite get him to shake the amber fluid). Yes, it is achievable and yes, we’re even educating our own family doctor, slowly. It’s enjoyable watching his jaw hit the ground every time James goes to get his quarterly blood tests done!

Subsequently along the way, a VERY pleasant ‘side effect’ has been that my own health has improved immensely and my weight has dropped dramatically. I have attached my most recent before and after shot (49th birthday and 50th birthday), although that weight loss only actually took 6 months, not the whole year, and all without exercise. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against exercise, I just don’t go to extremes personally. Walking the dogs is about all I get time for. :)

I lost most of my excess weight easily within the first 4-5 months but still seem to be losing more. Ultimately I’m now just letting my body determine where it wants to go. Having so far lost a total of 22 kg/48 lbs/29% of my body weight (76 kg/167 lbs to my current 54 kg/119 lbs) and going from an AUS14-16/US10-12 down to a current AUS6-8/US2-4 has had the “terrible consequence” of me having to go shopping for new clothes that actually fit. Bummer that! ;)

Andreas, I’m on your page daily, enjoying everyone’s encouraging life stories and love many of the recipes, some of which have become staples in our relatively simple way of eating. We don’t call it ‘a diet’ as for us, it’s about our ongoing health and it’s for life. Thank you for the privilege of sending you our story.



Such a great story Nicky, it is always great to hear of couples making lifestyle changes for the better together.

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