“My heart and mind is focused on BANTING FOR LIFE!!”


Before and after

Olga had struggled with compulsive overeating for as long as she could remember, and despite trying various diets, nothing seemed to work for her.

Then things changed when she came across Banting Buddies (banting is what low carb is called in South Africa):

The Email

I have had an eating disorder, “compulsive eating” for as long as I’ve known myself. I eat when I am happy, sad, anxious, nervous, excited, hurt, afraid… Any emotional reason you can think of, is reason enough to eat!

Am I hungry? No. Am I aware of the compulsion? Yes. Can I control it? Sometimes. Does one get born with this? No, for sure not, but it is behaviour that developed when you are confronted with emotional issues and you are not equipped or have the emotional tools to deal with it! Eating becomes the comfort, making you feel better, soothe the pain, giving you control over what you can control… Although it is compulsive eating.

In February 2016 I joined “Banting Buddies” for 8 weeks. Somehow I did not come across this Facebook page. I learnt the basics about this new lifestyle and for the first time ever in my overweight/obese life, I know that this is something I can do!!

I tried Weight Watchers, Weigh Less, Dr. Cohen, The Diet Everybody Is Talking About, Sure Slim, 28 days, just a few that I remember, but never had lasting successful results… The restrictions and instructions I just could not maintain… So not sustainable!!!

Then I discovered the banting 7-day meal plan Facebook page to see and read about all the fantastic success stories, I got so excited and happy for all the banters!! I realised that my compulsive eating is still part of me… I do at times eat too much banting stuff!!

Banting taught me how hungry feels! At times I only eat two times per day because I am not hungry. To drink two litres of water is not a problem, I do water aerobics three times a week and love it, I enjoy good healthy banting food… But then sometimes I lose control and eat the wrong bad carbs, chocolates, drink to much wine etc.

I had a back operation on the 14th of February and was petrified that the 6-week recovery of only laying, walking, standing would lead to the “compulsion”! When friends asked what they can bring me when they come to visit, I told them avocados, tomatoes, double cream yogurt, nuts, biltong etc. However I also received chocolates and biscuits and gave it away to avoid the temptation! I am happy to say that the recovery is being good!!

I had to make peace with slower weight loss, I travel my own road, bumps and potholes I meet, BUT my heart and mind is focused on BANTING FOR LIFE!!

Thank you BANTERS for all the inspiring stories! ADMIN you are doing a excellent job!!! Well done!!!



Congratulations to finding what works for you Olga – and thank you for sharing your story!

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