Losing 140 Pounds with Fat


Before and after 1½ years

Suzz heard of LCHF from a co-worker and this became the start of an impressive weight loss journey:

The Email

Hi Andreas,

I’m on my way from 287 lbs (130 kg). Today 185 lbs (84 kg), minus 102 lbs in about 1½ years. I have many pounds more to go, but I’m so grateful for your page and your advice!

A co-worker told me about LCHF but I was very skeptical – you simply CAN’T DIET WITH FAT!!! But I kept reading and wanted to give it a chance. I CERTAINLY DON’T REGRET IT! If I ate myself obese, I will certainly also eat it away too!

Hugs, Suzz


Congratulations Suzz!

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  1. Susan
    You've made a mistake Andreas. It's suzz, not Patrick .
    Reply: #2
  2. Fixed, thanks!
  3. Dawn Casper
    Ketone Glu Ratios--I've been hearing and reading (Keto Stephanie and other LCHF books ---I've read your book first of course) that in order to be in optimal ketosis your blood sugar levels need to be lower than 80. So then what does it mean when your blood sugar levels are any where between 80--97 on average while ketones are 1.2 -- 2.4? Are you still in Optimal Ketosis? There was a time when my blood sugar level was 102 and my Ketone was 1.0, another when my sugar was 88 and ketone 1.1, then Glu 83 Ketones 2.5. Levels fluctuate during the day before and after meals, although I'm not finding any consistency. I've stayed strict to the food/fat percentages and just recently started adding one serving of cashews and cheese back in. I've read your book, Dr. Phinney and Volek's books and others. Not much is clearly stated on glucose and ketone ratios.
    Reply: #5
  4. Dawn Casper
    By the way, I've lost 26 pounds on this diet! I love you!
  5. So then what does it mean when your blood sugar levels are any where between 80--97 on average while ketones are 1.2 -- 2.4? Are you still in Optimal Ketosis?

    Yes, clearly.

  6. Dawn Casper
    Thank you!! I'm 47 and have been afraid of fat since a teenager. It only took me two months to stop being afraid of fat. I now save the grease from hamburger and add it to soup or cook vegetables in it! After going from 175lbs to 148lbs in just a three months -- My love for butter, meat fat and coconut oil keeps growing.
    Reply: #8
  7. Dawn Casper
    .....while my fat keeps burning.
  8. Apicius
    Have you discovered doing the same with using bacon grease instead? It makes food taste heavenly.

    Bravo on your progress!

  9. Jenny
    I have been making bone broth and drinking during the day but was wondering about the fat. After I cook the broth I put it in the fridge and when the fat settles on the top I scrape it off and throw it out. I just drink the brown broth. I've always done it this way, but should I be eating the fat from the top as well?
    Replies: #10, #11
  10. Debbie
    The fat from the bone broth is an excellent source of fat to be consuming. When I have bone broth that I've cooled in the fridge with the fat on top, I just reheat it along with the fat and drink it up.
  11. Apicius
    Jenny...please send all the fat you want to throw out to me...I'll enjoy the extra fat in my broth!

    Seriously, don't throw the fat out. When you heat the broth up, the fat melts. Enjoy it in your soup!

  12. Theresa
    I have had a mixed result, so my question is this... Does eating this way lose it's ability to effect weight loss if changing after a few months back to consuming carbs when a plateau has been reached, and then returning to LCHF eating? It seems as if my body has stubbornly fixed upon a weight point and just will not budge. Thanks
  13. Mike
    Same question here.

    Stuck on the same weight despite all efforts.
    Already on IF

    should I cylce carbs?

  14. Josette
    I added bitters to my diet (had been in a plateau for over 20 days), and got a massage, increased my water a bit... and boom, I'm down another 2 pounds. I have quite a bit to lose, so I was a little discouraged. However, when you feel this good and can still eat something as satisfying as fat and meat, you really don't feel the urge to "cheat" or "treat yourself".

    I never realized how many snacks and "treats" I was eating before.

    My blood sugar levels are so stable. I don't get so hungry that I could eat my arm between meals. Breakfast is usually the same fare, with (2) fried eggs over easy, and either Canadian ham, bacon, or ground beef mixed with a little salsa (amazing, change your life). Coffee with a tablespoon of heavy cream really chased away my Starbucks latte cravings, and if I miss the "experience", I just go in and have some hot tea with stevia leafs that I bring with me everywhere.

    I really enjoy these amazing achievement stories Dr. Andreas - and congrats to Suzz! You are an inspiration to me!

  15. WarblingLisa
    First off, Suzz, way to go! You look fab. Can't wait to see your goal picture.

    A couple of folks mentioned they're no longer seeing a change in weight. I just wanted to chime in and remind everyone to look beyond the scale for confirmation you're losing fat. My husband is also doing LCHF. He started 2016 at 242 lbs., and he is currently 242 lbs., BUT he's gone from size 42 jeans down to getting baggy 38's. He is the "poster boy" for the scale being the worst gauge of losing fat and building muscle. I suggest picking out a pair of jeans (or other clothes) that are slightly too small and periodically (weekly or biweekly) trying them on to see how you're progressing.

  16. Ann
    Well done Suzz!!! Such an inspiration for other people!

    I agree with WarblingLisa, the scale is not the only thing i find you must looking at,
    I am still at the same weight, but i have lost cm's and feel much better, clothes are loser or fitting better. Mussle weigh more than fat, i think also that people are to much looking to the scale, better looking to how you feel and the cm / inches.

    Reply: #17
  17. Victoria Fender
    I agree with Ann and Lisa. I have been losing weight and inches since I began LCHF, but it's actually the inches that have impressed me way more than the few pounds I've lost; people swear I've lost double the amount! I feel I look much better than before, and very important too, it gives you self confidence and the encouragement to continue until you reach your goal. I weight myself weekly at the same day, time of day (morning before breakfast) and wearing the same clothes. It's good to keep a look at your weight, especially to confirm you're not gaining anything. Good luck everybody!

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