“It’s like having a new life”


Before and after

Judi had to buy clothes from big and tall stores. She had trouble walking up and down stairs and fitting in chairs. She needed a breathing machine to sleep and was on several diabetes medications – and she felt judged by people. Life was not good.

When the scale displayed the number 303 pounds she got scared. She finally decided to try an LCHF diet… and it changed her life:

The email

The before photo is from when I was very heavy. I had to buy clothes from big and tall stores. Nothing would fit me. I was embarrassed. The after photo is at 110 pounds (50 kg) lost. It’s really comical. I’ve lost 20 inches in my waist.

Before I started the LCHF lifestyle I was 303 pounds (137 kg). I am 60 years old and I was on a terrible road to disaster. I had type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. I was using a CPAP every night in order to sleep. What made me suddenly do something about my health was seeing 303 lbs. on the scale at the doctor’s office. It scared me. I had heard a little about the low carb/high fat way of eating and decided to do more research. The day I started, 1 May, 2015, I was on a weekend holiday at Niagara on the Lake in Canada. What a thing to start doing… on a fun trip!

It hit me hard when I was trying to keep up with my family and I was too tired out to walk a lot. Going up stairs was too hard. Fitting in chairs and feeling like I was being judged by others became uncomfortable tasks. I could not continue to let myself be sick. The insulin I was injecting was increasing monthly and still not getting my numbers down. The doctor wanted me to take two blood-pressure medications. I was getting more and more sick. I decided it was going to stop.

Now it’s been 43 weeks since I started my new lifestyle. I have lost 110 pounds (50 kg) and have 40 lbs. more to lose in order to meet my goal. I was able to stop both diabetes medications (insulin and glipizide) within the first six weeks of LCHF. After about ten weeks, I was able to stop all blood pressure medications. At about five months I packed my CPAP machine up and stowed it in my closet. I am amazed at what I can do. When I was 303 pounds (137 kg), I could not walk down a flight of stairs facing forward, one after the other. I labored at one step at a time, sideways. I can walk around a park with my grandchildren now. It’s just amazing. I can get up off of the floor!

I think the hardest thing to do was just start… I had the knowledge in my head. I had to take the first steps and keep going. The headache, leg cramps, and hungry feelings had to be dealt with. I did the research and found that if I stuck with it and did not waver, I would no longer feel most of those things. I found that I had to keep myself busy to not think about food at the beginning. I also found that I needed to have some sort of substitutes in order to stay on track. I made fat bombs and oopsie bread. I kept with the plan and continue to do so.

I wish I had known about LCHF a long time ago. I could have been healthier long ago. When I was in my 30’s I was hospitalized with an eating disorder. I lost weight, but the wrong way. When I got better from that time in my life, I gained even more weight. My body was confused and my set point was moved up. I felt terrible and scared.

Judith2This is me at about 100 pounds lost. I am so much happier. I can shop at all types of stores for clothes now. It’s exciting. It’s like having a new life.

Dr. Eenfeldt, you may share my name and my story. If it helps someone else, I am happy to share.

Kind Regards,
Judi Veitz


Congratulations, Judi! What an amazing transformation!

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  1. Cathy
    Wow this is amazing! Congratulations Judi. I too am 60 and struggling with losing....menopause? I would love to see a typical week of the food you ate. I think I make it too difficult. Keep up the great work!!!
  2. Maura
    Judi you already know how proud I am of you..You are an inspiration to me...started eating lchf and have lost 70 lbs. .I feel so much healthier. .
  3. Beth
    So inspiring! Thank you for sharing your journey.
  4. Jacque
    Congratulations! Your children and grandchildren must be so proud of and happy for you. Thank you for sharing your story and your valuable tips for staying on track. You're a wonderful role model.
  5. Leticia
    Judi is an inspiration! I really enjoyed her story. Thank you so much for all the help!
  6. Nyo
    My warmest congratulations, Judi
  7. Bev
    Fantastic result, Judi - congratulations on your resolve and success.
  8. Elisabeth S
    I'm on week 2 and am already seeing the benefits. Your story is very motivating. Thank you.
  9. Judith
    I just would like to let everyone know that now I have lost 132 pounds. I have 18 to go and am feeling great! The closer I get to my goal of 150 pounds the slower things are. I was stuck for about a month while my body caught up. I want to stress that a stall is not bad and you must not give up because you have stalled. Stay true to your resolve to lose the weight and things will be okay.
    Blessings to all,
    Judi Veitz
    Reply: #10
  10. Bev
    Well done for sticking with it :)
  11. Francoise
    Congratulations for taking your health in your hands! You have every reason to be proud of what you have achieved. Thank you for sharing your story.
  12. Nicky
    I agree with Bev. Well done for sticking with it. The hardest thing is to not let others (non-LCHF) talk you into 'Surely a little bite won't hurt?' Yes, it does! ? Everyone has triggers do don't succumb! Stay true to yourself and your health. ?
  13. gbl
    Congratulations Judi. Somethings in your email resonated with me. Are you a Canuck? We should 'talk'.

    And your early history of "an eating disorder". THe following may not apply to you or anyone reading:

    I too had an eating disorder, not treated for it, not even recognized as such, by me. But through my self questioning and reading over some years of feminist literature and blogs I learned to ask myself, when did this start?

    It started for me the way I have found it did for many many women. I was sexually abused at age of six. It was prolonged a childhood of fear. I ate out of terror. If there are women here who can relate to this, I hope the mods will leave it.

    I notice now, when I am afraid, or the memories revisit me, I binge, wildly, frantically. For any reason now, and during my life. Taxes. And nightmares, and the news about women's lives. (Thank you Sweden for the NORDIC model--look it up).

    Consider why you overeat, and mostly, comforting carbs, to all women reading.

  14. Samantha
    Wow! Thank you for sharing. would be interested in your fat bomb and oopsie bread!????
  15. Elwin
    I applaud you I am near 2 weeks in and I notice a slimming
    But I am confused I am insulin Dependent and I am not sure how to cut it off
    I hate Insulin It caused me weight gain along with the Carbs I was Consuming
    This site does not help with those who currently are using Insulin
    I believe that T2 can be reversed BUT I do not want to jeopardise my eyes or my kidneys We need assistance getting started to stop the Insulin safely
  16. Judith Hiemstra
    I am so inspired with your story of success. I too would love to know what you typically eat each day. I am ready to start this way of eating and lifestyle. I have been in the 200's for over 25 years and now at age 70, I can hardly get around, thus have become very sedentary. I recently read about the damages to our body from sitting too much. What I read really scared me and it is actually now called the "Sitting Disease ". How can I keep in touch with you? Are you on Facebook?
  17. Judith
    Elwin, you should talk with your doctor about the amount of insulin you use. If you are sticking to low carb you should see your fasting glucose numbers coming down. I hope you are testing frequently. Following low carb is going to have an impact on your blood sugar. There are sites on Facebook that have lots of answers for you.
    Judith...beautiful name... ;-) I eat eggs, meat, cheese, salads, butter, coconut oil, olive oil, and real mayo. I never eat: potatoes, rice, bread, or pasta. I only have up to 20 grams of carbs per day. I keep track of everything I eat.
    Samantha, fat bomb and oopsie bread receipes are from the Internet. I just look them up and try what looks good. I recently have given up on fat bombs because I am 15 pounds away from my goal and I feel I no longer need the treat.
    I do have a blog where you can find out more about my journey.

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