Can the keto diet help with migraines?

After Deborah had struggled with excruciating migraines for over ten years, she finally found the keto diet. This is her story:

Deborah on keto

After living a life dedicated to health and fitness, I never expected to be derailed by a decade of debilitating migraines. Although I had been taking medication for years, my migraines continued to get worse. I dreamt of a more natural solution.

Thankfully, I discovered the ketogenic diet. Just 18 months ago I was suffering over 15 migraines a month. Today, I am throwing away expired meds.

I never expected to be derailed by a decade of debilitating migraines. By my mid 30’s, I started to get menstrual migraines. I would end up in bed in a dark room, vomiting, intolerant to noise, light and scents. 

Soon the migraines began to worsen. I researched natural suggestions and did all of them: chiropractic, massage, supplements, acupuncture, osteopathy and food allergy testing. Nothing stopped the endless wave of migraines.
My first visit to the neurologist was disappointing as the conversation revolved solely around the different classes of drugs I could take. I started taking triptans that week. Initially, they worked well. 

Yet within four years of taking medication, my prescription had to be bumped up to 12 a month. My migraines doubled, then tripled in frequency. By 46, I was suffering 12-15 migraines a month, and some days, I felt like the fog and pain never really went away. I had become a daily sufferer. 
Soon I was prescribed a daily preventative medication: an anti-seizure medication given to epileptics. The list of side effects was horrendous so I researched natural treatments for epilepsy and came across a diet given to epileptic children with excellent results! The research cited was almost 100 years old. It was the ketogenic diet. 

That was the summer of 2017. Today, I genuinely have my life back. In the early days I was not magically migraine free but they did lessen in the first WEEK! That was motivation enough.

Research the ketogenic diet. Talk to your doctor about reducing your medications safely. And above all else, have hope, as I feel strongly that what helped me end my decade-long battle with migraines, will very likely help you too. To learn more feel free to visit my website.


Deborahs website: Migraine Free Day


Thank you for sharing your story Deborah! Reduced frequency or severity of migraine headaches is a very commonly reported effect on a keto diet. Here are a few of the stories that we have been sent:

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/ Andreas Eenfeldt, MD

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