Improve type 1 diabetes with low carb

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Dr. Keith Runyan has a unique perspective on type 1 diabetes and low-carb diets, as he has the disease himself, eats low carb and is a medical doctor. We sat down to discuss the basic idea, his experience, the great news… and his concerns.

You can watch part of the interview above (transcript). The full interview is available (with captions and transcript) with a free trial or membership:

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Low Carb for Beginners


  1. Elaine Biancaniello
    Dr.Runyun sounded exactly like me.
    I also was told I have LADA, at the age of 67.
    My sugars can go 600 to as low as 67
    I take 22 Units of Lantus, approx. 30 units of Novalog per day
    My AIC is 10.5
    I do watch my carbs,
    I am always hungry
    Thank Goodness, I eat several times a day but each meal is small (only because I could never eat large quantity) in any one seating. Always have been like that.
    Breakfast is my least favorite, Lunch is my favorite, Dinner is second.
    I am going to a renowned Doctor at the Un. of Pennsylvania.
    Have been for approx. 2 yrs.
    I am gaining weight since I have been put on the above units. I am very discourage.
    I do not exercize .. but having said that, I am always on the go. I may be old but I never stop going.
    I am at a lost of what to do.
    Elaine Biancaniello
  2. Susan Baum
    So many people, Type 1 and 2 and non-diabetics, are having extremely positive results following the keto lifestyle, myself included. I've cut my insulin needs down to a quarter of what I was taking, lost unwanted fat and maintain a pretty lean figure. Please research that, I know it can be a life-saving way of living. I started with Dr. Bernstein's book, "Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution: The Complete Guide to Achieving Normal Bloodsugars." He is himself a Type 1, reversed all of his complications, and is now in his 80's super healthy.

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