How to reduce migraine headaches with low carb

Is it possible to avoid migraines by avoiding carbs? Studies and experience suggest it might be. There are at least two promising studies so far.1  
Elena’s life has been completely transformed since learning about the ketogenic diet. She’s gone from severe daily migraines to almost none. She’s even started to professionally study the effects of ketosis on migraine. In this interview she shares her story and some useful insights for other migraine sufferers. You can watch part of it above (transcript).

The full 16-minute interview is available (with captions and transcript) with a free trial or membership:
A life without migraines – Elena Gross


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More potential benefits of low carb

Why should you consider eating fewer carbs? There are many potential benefits, at all ages (although there’s hardly ever a reason for healthy kids to do a strict low-carb diet).

Here are some of the main benefits, and how to adapt a low-carb diet for your specific needs, to maximize the positive effects on your health.

The four most common benefits

More common benefits


Possible, less certain benefits



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  1. Darla
    I would really like to be able to share this migraine video with a friend who also suffers from debilitating migraines, but is skeptical of keto. This video would probably sway her. Is there any way I can do it without her having to "sign up for another gimmick"?

    Thank you.

  2. Chanda
    Can I have seasonal fruits while on keto diet?? Plz help me out
  3. Cynthia
    I switched to keto due to chronic migraines (between 4 to 5 migraines per week) and now get maybe 3 to 4 per month. This way of eating gave me my life back and not only that... My family has me back. Both my family doctor and neurologist are happy I chose this way of treatment as the standard pills they prescribe have their own side effects that can be damaging. One study I read from 2013 showed a %90 success rate at controlling migraines.
    Reply: #5
  4. GP
    I used to suffer from migraines, sometimes I would even throw up. In 2005 I started eating low carb, lost about 30 pounds and up until today have remained eating low carb. A couple of months went by when I noticed that I was getting any migraines and it's been that way ever since. At the time I had no idea eating low carb had any effect on migraines.
  5. Leah
    Cynthia I'm in the same boat as you!! Can I ask how many carbs per day you try to stay under? Thanks

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