How to potentially reduce migraine headaches with low carb

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Is it possible to avoid migraines by avoiding carbs? Studies and experience suggest it might be.1  
Elena’s life has been completely transformed since learning about the ketogenic diet. She’s gone from severe daily migraines to almost none. She’s even started to professionally study the effects of ketosis on migraine. In this interview she shares her story and some useful insights for other migraine sufferers. You can watch part of it above (transcript).


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When we shared Elena’s story on Facebook dozens of other people reported reduced migraine on low carb. Here are even more people who have shared their stories about reduced migraine issues on low carb:

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Alternatively, use our free low-carb guide, or for maximum simplicity try out our low-carb meal planner service – it’s free to use for a month.


More potential benefits of low carb

Why should you consider eating fewer carbs? There are many potential benefits, at all ages (although there’s hardly ever a reason for healthy kids to do a strict low-carb diet).

Here are some of the main benefits, and how to adapt a low-carb diet for your specific needs, to maximize the positive effects on your health.

The four most common benefits

Other common benefits


Possible, less certain benefits