Low carb made Lindha half the woman she used to be

You can hardly believe it’s the same person.

Here’s Lindha Vikström, a Swedish mother of two, with her story about how she cut her weight in half with LCHF (low-carb, high-fat, i.e. a keto diet):

The email


I saw that you were looking for people who would want to share their story about a lifestyle change.

I’ve always been a yo-yo dieter, down a lot in weight only to gain it all back later, and then some, every time.

I started eating LCHF in March/April 2012, and have lost 154 lbs. (70 kg) and my husband 88 lbs. (40 kg). The weight loss took 18 months, and we have kept the weight off since then without any effort, and we feel great and we don’t need to go hungry. I got my life back, and have so much energy and am able to be active with my children in a completely different way than I could be before.

Who am I then? A married 44-year-old mother of two, who weighed 309 lbs. (140 kg), but who today is at 154 lbs. (70 kg). I started on my first diet when I was 14 years old and have been trying to lose weight for 26 years back and forth with all kinds of popular diets, but nothing has worked long term.

I found LCHF in 2012 by pure coincidence, I had never heard of it before and I thank myself for giving it a try. I wouldn’t have been here today if I hadn’t.

I hope to inspire and motivate others about how nothing is impossible, it really is possible to break through several years of poor diets and find balance in life. I was 40 years old when I started in 2012, with small children in the middle of the big puzzle called life, all the things you were supposed to have time for: work, dropping off and picking up kids to and from school and childcare, help with homework, make dinner, drive the kids to various activities.

And somewhere in there you were supposed to get enough time to take care of yourself, and let me tell you that there wasn’t much energy left in my 309 lbs. (140 kg) heavy body at the end of the day. My evenings ended on the couch with aching feet and knees and on top of that I had high blood pressure for which I was taking medication.

But the low-carb diet gave me so much energy that I suddenly became a lot more alive and had more energy. I wasn’t as tired in the evenings and felt that I suddenly had enough time to take care of myself more and more. For example, I had enough energy to take an evening walk.

I remember when in my job as an assistant nurse, I had to take a lady in her 80’s out for a walk; an alert and healthy lady for her age, but she had poor vision, so my job was to join her so she wouldn’t risk falling. When I walked with her, she was the one who had to adapt her pace to mine as I couldn’t keep up with her. I was in my 30’s and she in her 80’s. Not even then did my warning bells sound.

Another thing that feels great is that every new winter season I can use the same ski wear I bought two years ago. It’s a new feeling to be able to use the seasonal clothing year after year. I’ve always had to buy new clothes because I had outgrown the ones I had the year before (or did they shrink in the wash, hm?).

Finally, I’d like to offer hope to all of you that you don’t have be 20-something to succeed, and it’s the same thing with my skin – I haven’t had to have any surgery to remove loose skin.

I have a blog, where you’re more than welcome to visit and read about my journey (Swedish only / Google translated to English). It would be great if you wanted to share my weight-loss journey with LCHF, and you’re welcome to link to my blog. I’ve attached a before and after photo you can use (photographer: Kristian Pohl).

I have to let you know something interesting; yesterday I tried on my wedding rings, which I’ve been unable to use for 15 years, and they fit perfectly now. :)

Lindha Vikström


Congratulations on your amazing weight loss, Lindha! I haven’t seen such impressing before and after pictures in a long time.

Update 2017

Lindha is still doing well, many years after the amazing weight loss journey. Use links at the end of the story above for her blog, or follow @halvalindha on Instagram.

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  1. Melissa
    Congratulations Lindha! You look wonderful. I love you name. I have slipped off the LCHF way of life but your story gives me reason to get serious about my weight loss and health again.
  2. Dave
    Congratulations! Thanks for sharing.
  3. veronica
    Congratulation,you are an example...!!!!
  4. Violeta
    This is an amazing story, Lindha! Congratulations to you and your husband. BTW, I really like your blog. All the best!
  5. Vicente
    you look really "linda" now
    (linda means beautiful in spanish language)

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

  6. Nan
    Three cheers for Lindha! What a difference for her life and her children's lives. I see so many heavy young mothers, and I can't imagine how they keep up with their active little ones. She will inspire many others.


  7. Mauro
    Congratulations, is amazing your transformation and thank you for share it, let's keep showing to the world that we have the will to choose a better life for everyone of us!
  8. Barbara
    What an inspiration and you look absolutely marvelous! Thank you for sharing your story! I've been staying LCHF since the beginning of this year and have also had remarkable results losing about 30 pounds so far. I don't have too much further to go before I get to my desired weight and I feel better than I have in years!
  9. PatrickP
    Congratulations, Lindha! You look great! You must feel a hundred times better.
  10. Anthony
    great work stay healthy...
  11. Alexandre Galtchine, M.D. ophthalmologist
    Мои поздравления и ВОСХИЩЕНИЕ!!! МОЛОДЕЦ!!!
  12. jen
    You are amazing. You look so wonderful. It is so good to read your story today, as I am having challenging time. Thank you for the timely inspiration. Jen
  13. Murray
    At half the weight you used to be, from a health and energy view, you are really twice the woman you used to be.
  14. tony
    Way to go Linhda! You look great. keep up the good work.
  15. Jan
    Well done, thanks for sharing your story.

    Keep on LCHF it just makes good sense

    All the best Jan

  16. LCHF_Graham
    Well done Linhda! Another real-world example of the power of LCHF.

    Speaking of which my own fasting blood glucose levels (on a LCHF diet) are now typically around 4.5 mmol/l - which isn't half bad for a T2 diabetic is it? HbA1c and lipid panel will be done in September - I fully expect all the values to be very good.

  17. LCHF_Graham
    Interesting paper - thanks for linking to all this good stuff in the primary literature.
  18. Mary
    Super Congratulations Lindha! You look like a model, you are so fit and beautiful! I have just shared my own story with Dr. A and I just feel so grateful for people like you who put their stories out there and share a bit of their own journeys with LC/HF! I am thrilled for you & wish you continued joy and health!
  19. Cornelius Remeysen

    You look super now
    I started the same in australia, I lost 7.9 kg in 2 weeks
    I was 102.9 kg then
    Now I am 95, but have no trouble, as I am not hungry
    Keep up the good work

    Casey Australia

    Reply: #54
  20. Linda
    Amazing Grace! This is proof that LCHF is the way to go.
  21. Lindha:
    You look great. Congratulations with your health improvement. Inspirational.
  22. Marisa
    You look amazing, Lindha! Keep up the good work. You have inspired and educated someone like me by your own personal journey.
  23. svenskaresebloggen.
    Grattis Linda! Ive seen a lot of succes. But i think this story is the most ❤.
  24. Kerry Priddle
    Congratulations- your story is very encouraging. I've started the LCHF way of eating- but the weight loss seems slow going compared to others. I am 59, healthy but weigh 15kg more than I should. Having been a yo-yo dieter as well, I wonder if that slows things down. I don't eat red meat, so am living on chicken eggs & a little fish with tons of Veges. I've began to cook with butter & add cream for fat (I've always used olive oil)....but wonder if I'm doing something wrong. Would appreciate feedback, thanks for your story.
    Replies: #48, #58
  25. Marion
    These stories gave me inspiration to try this LCHF. In 8 days I have lost 3.4 kilos!!! Soooo happy
    Reply: #28
  26. Bjarte Bakke Team Diet Doctor
    Great start Marion! Expect around a pound of weight loss pr. week from now on. Some weeks less, some more.
  27. Jose Venancio da SIlva Filho
    Very Nice, I love you Lindha.
  28. LCHF
    Jag går också på LCHF, jag började på 112 kilo och nu är jag på 80 Kilo :)
  29. Erika
    Dear Lindha!
    I can't read Swedish but I did see your pictures on the LCHF-Blog and at your page ... MY WARMEST CONGRATULATIONS TO YOUR SUCCESS!

    I love reading success-stories, and I liked yours best. You are a great example for me since I have very similar pictures of myself in my bathrobe ...
    My highest weight was 122 kilos (but I am only 165 cm tall) and I have also been yoyo-ing for years, that's why I possess clothes in 9 (!) different sizes.

    A short while ago I discovered LCHF and am happily and curiously following the instructions.

    At the moment, I weigh 108 kilos, my aim is it to go somewhere between 70 to 60. I will make it this time, and your story will have contributed a lot!

    With my best wishes,

    Reply: #32
  30. Apicius
    And my warmest kudos and congrats to you, Erika! Good job starting the journey. You show progress already - bravo! I wish you the best for 2016.
  31. Delia
    Congratulations you look wonderful
  32. Janet
    Wow. You look so healthy. Congratulations. I know it was a journey. You look wonderful.
  33. Keri
    Well done you look great but were does all the excess skin go
  34. Sean K
    Congratulations Lindha and thank you so much for sharing your inspiring story with such openness, detail and honesty. I trust it will be a great encouragement to many, including my wife, who is chronically frustrated with her weight.
  35. Lindsey
    Thankyou for the inspiration i have been so confused by diets all my life have been doing this way of eating for the last couple of days and amazingly do not feel hungry!!!! love your before and after photo well done Lindha x
  36. bernice
    hello did you monitor your ketone levels and if so do you know how high they were?
  37. Ashraful Alam
    Great Way.
  38. Jo-Ana
    Thank you for sharing your inspiring story!
  39. Barbs
    You look fantastic Lindha. I am very interested in the fact you didn't have excess skin as I know somebody who had the gastric bypass (or band I'm not sure) anyway she had tremendous weight loss but suffered terribly with sagging skin which made her most depressed. Is it something to do with eating a lot of fat that doesn't cause the sagging skin I wonder?
  40. Anni
    Congratulations Lindha! I am just starting my LCHF diet this week and when I read your blog it almost sounded like you were talking about me. I feel exactly like that, over 300lbs and tired after a long days work with no energy to do anything. I have tried every diet and came across this one and am really focusing on what I need to do. I don't want to feel like this anymore.

    I was recently at an amusement park with my daughter and we always liked to go on the rides together. Imagine how embarrassed I was when they told I had to get off the ride because I wouldn't fit properly in the chair. That was an eye opener for sure.

    Thank you for sharing your story and most of all, thanks for the inspiration!


  41. Dawn
    Good for you Lindha!!! You look absolutely fantastic!! May I ask how difficult was it for you to shop for your LCHF diet and for your children's food also?
  42. Marianne
    Congratulations Lindha. A wonderful story and gives me such hope. Well done and keep up the good work.
  43. Susanne
    Congradtulations Lindha, you inspire me every day, It is my first week on the LCHF diet hoping I have the success like you and maintain this great diet.
  44. Lesley Morgan
    Hello Lindha, wow congratulations you look fabulous. I am not a LCHF person, but have been interested for a while now. You have just answered a question that has been bothering me - that you didn't have to have an extra skin cut off. I was always a slim person until I got to 50 years old and I gave up smoking - and unfortunately started eating all sorts of unhealthy foods. You have given me the inspiration to try LCHF - thank you.
    Lesley, South Africa
  45. Denise
    This post is very motivating for me. I too yo yo and now I think it is because I can quickly lose weight but I end of gaining it all back because, ultimately, I am hungry! I have tried so many diet's that I have trouble trusting in a system. I did Akins years ago and I remember how successful it was. The only thing that made me give it up is my sister made a comment about my breath! I was more self conscious about that! I had completely forgotten my success. I now know if I get this breath back, it will go away. It is simply the toxins being released in your body. So here I am starting again. I have 30-40 lbs to lose and I can't wait until they are gone for good! Then I can wake up and my weight won't be the first thing I think about. Thank you Lindha for your story!
  46. Theresa
    Sounds like you're doing what I did for a while and found the weight coming off more slowly than I would have liked. I felt that since I was having no sugar, processed foods, potatoes, pasta or bread, I could eat all I wanted (which is normally true with LCHF), but when I started adding up my carbs from eating 'tons of veggies', I was going well over 20g of carb per day. I started eating more healthy fat with beef, pork, chicken and fish and kept the veggie intake more reasonable and started dropping the weight. Best wishes..
  47. Sandy
    I too am in medical field, I need to loose a hundred pounds and I worry about excess skin, how did you not have excess skin to deal with?
  48. Dori
    I'm confused about the fruit and cheese that the Tips section said to avoid and then I see both in recipes/food lists.

    If I'm a pescatarian (I eat some fish and eggs) -- I find it hard to create enough recipes since it's recommended one not eat a lot of Salmon (my favorite) due to mercury levels (?).

    Any tips?

  49. Rita LaBell
    Did you need surgery to get rid of excess skin
  50. L Smith
    Hello. Well dun to u. U look amazing now. I've been on a very low carb diet now for 6 wks. Very rarely hungry. I do feel heaps better. But it's slow coming off the scales but my clothes fit me better. Did u experience this at some stage ? Be nice to hear back from u and keep up the good work. Regards Lovaine smith from Orpington kent. X
  51. Elizabeth
    I have just recently start on LCHF and in 5 weeks I have dropped 12 Kgs. I am very rarely hungry, mostly if I skip a meal. My journey will be a long one but you have given me the encouragement to continue. I am almost 62 and my start weight was 138.8 kgs. In my younger days I was always around 65 - 70 kgs. But I suffered a back injury that brought on osteoarthritis and this horrible disease left me unable to walk more than 100 meters without being in pain. And the less I exercised the more weight I gained. And so on! But you have given me hope with your story. Hopefully as I lose weight, I will become more mobile.
    You are an inspiration to anyone who wishes to take up the 2 week challenge, and then continue. Congratulations. Regards Liz
  52. Liz Engel
    I'm in Melbourne and just started this week, already feeling increase in energy
    Reply: #57
  53. Katy
    Hi, I wasn't able to see your blog in English. Is there another way?
  54. 1 comment removed
  55. Coralei
    Hi Liz how has it been on the keto diet????
  56. Wendy
    Hi Kerry,
    Just saw your post about your weight loss slowing down. You may have solved this problem by now. But if you haven't I noticed you said that you ate a lot of veges. Check the carb count on each of them this could possibly be the reason for the slow weight loss ie too many carbs.

    I may be on the wrong track? Just a thought.


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