Advanced low-carb tips!

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Are you having trouble on your low-carb diet, despite being experienced in all the basics? Are you struggling with weight loss for example?

Here’s a treat: Dr. Eric Westman, one of the world’s leading experts on low carb, tells us his best advanced low-carb tips.
These are things that even people experienced on low carb may miss, or may even be completely unaware of.

Watch the short segment above for a slightly controversial highlight (transcript).

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The full 31-minute interview – with many more advanced and helpful tips – is available, with captions and transcript, for members:

Advanced Low-Carb Tips! – with Dr. Eric Westman

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Here’s what our members have said about the interview:

What a great interview with Dr. Westman! It validates what I speculated to myself the problem was. I had just started losing weight again when I discovered “bullet-proof coffee.” Instantly (within 1 week) I gained 3 pounds (1 kg)!

Another great tip (that I had noticed and am now validated) is that I need to wait 15 – 20 min before I get a true reading on how hungry I actually am.

Dr. Eenfeldt, thank you so much! I have a doctor’s appointment coming up next week and had worked myself into such a “funk” that I was going to be heavier than my last visit. Now I have renewed self-confidence and believe I know how to continue.
– Ellen

Great interview.
I would like to see more of these type of interviews where Dr. Eenfeldt has more interaction with the interviewee.
– Jim

Yes this was an interesting interview – good to identify several issues that are likely contributing to my weight loss slowing/stalling. At 59, I am post menopause (& 10 years post breast cancer treatment). It’s nice to know that these are known issues and not just me!
– Sue

Advanced Low-Carb Tips! – with Dr. Eric Westman

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