Do you have a hard time losing weight on low carb or keto? This may be why

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Do you have a hard time losing weight on low carb or keto? Then perhaps you’re making one of the common mistakes.

Dr. Eric Westman has guided thousands of patients in his clinic and with his books, so he knows a lot about this. In this interview, we discuss some common pitfalls that can be avoided if one isn’t reaching the results one is looking for.

Watch a part of the interview above, where he talks about a couple of very common low-carb mistakes (transcript). The full video – where Dr. Westman discusses a total of 12 common mistakes, is available (with captions and transcript) with a or membership:

Twelve common mistakes on low carb – Dr. Eric Westman

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Dr. Westman


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  2. Cheryl Oakland
    I have been on the Keto Diet plan for 3 days so far and noticed my blood sugar went from 87 to 197. Why? Respectfully,
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  4. Paul
    Maybe it's because you've been exercising more and your body is turning fat into sugar. I was astounded when I found that blood sugar levels can increase without eating any food at all when I started my low carb diet and was a few days in. First thing in the morning my blood sugar would be normal, I'd go for a long hillwalk for a few hours and when I got back it was quite a bit higher.

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