“After a day or two the hunger goes away”

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How can you use a low-carb diet as a physician, for patients that want to lose excess weight? What problems can you run into? And what results do patients get?

Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt sits down with Dr. Eric Westman to discuss these questions.

Watch a part of the interview above, where he explains how he teaches low carb to patients (transcript). The full session is available (with captions and transcript) with a free trial or membership:

Low-carb doctors


Low carb and keto for doctors


  1. fred tully
    AND what about those of us who'e hunger just grows?
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  3. Astrid
    Fred where´s the problem? When you`re hungry eat bacon, butter, meat, eggs ... and enjoy all these delicacies until you are satisfied.

    Although it sounds contraintuitive - you will loose the waste/waist-fat anyway.

    The hunger goes away as soon as your body has got the nutrients it needs to regenerate and to heal itself.

    My experience at the beginning of a keto lifestyle was, that I needed much of the good fat & meaty foods to transit from over 30 years! of a "healthy" ovo-lacto-wholegrain-diet.

    After a whole-30 of very low carb very clean eating my body began to transit to the new lifestyle.

    Once adapted I could work very stressing 8 am to 7/8 pm days with just a big cup of bulletproof coffee (1 whole egg, 2 Tbsp butter, 1 Tbsp coconut-oil, 400 mls hot coffee) in the morning and some good quality spring-water during the day.

    So be patient and enjoy the journey! The scientific information and the fine recipes of dietdoctor Eenfeldt and his team (thank you so much guys!!!) will be a big help.

  4. Larisa V
    My hunger also just growing after couple days. First day is never a problem, second okay, but later is very hard.
    I think it is very individual and say that after couple days it's going away.... too ambitious.
  5. Carole
    Larisa V. You may not be eating enough food and fat. Keep the carbs low and increase your fat intake and the hunger usually goes away. This is not a diet. It is a way of life. Hunger is not part of it.
  6. Ruth
    Some times we convince ourselves the we are hungry...we don't always know the difference between fear of changes, emotions...and hunger.

    Focusing on learning the best ways to act... perhaps to learn the correct way to cook or prepare the food.

    Any task that prevents us from falling into repetitive phrases...of hunger promotion.

    If we really need to see the true meaning of hunger....Google and see what it really looks like when people do not get food.


  7. Peg
    Is this lifestyle recommended for people with high cholesterol? All the fats seem like they will run my cholesterol higher
  8. Tracy
    Hi does HWC classed as healthy fats ?
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  9. Gentiann
    What is HWC?????
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  10. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    What is HWC?????

    Heavy whipping cream

  11. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    Hi does HWC classed as healthy fats ?

    Heavy whipping cream can be a good fat, in moderation. It does still have some carbohydrates and lactose.

  12. ameliam412
    For me, just starting the third week I experience not feeling as hungry as I'd usually feel, not craving snacks etc.

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