“Try Diet Doctor and keto – the only thing to lose is fat”

Jackie Hay SS

Jackie was struggling to lose weight; she was on a low-fat, 500-calories diet and her scale didn’t budge. Her health was getting worse and worse and she was put on one drug after another. She visited a weight-loss clinic that told her about Diet Doctor and she changed her diet to keto. This is her story:

Month after month my health was deteriorating, my weight was increasing, I was under quarterly medical supervision for arrhythmia, an underactive thyroid, pre-diabetic with metabolic syndrome. Taking metformin, thyroxine, statins and had been trying to lose weight on a low-fat, 500 calorie a day, diet prescribed by my endocrinologist.

The final straw was a scan that’s showed fatty liver. I was in a bad place. After hours spent online researching my conditions, I decided to visit a weight loss clinic who along with providing cognitive behaviour and pause button therapies, they recommended the Diet Doctor way of eating. I switched to the keto way of eating. I cleaned the kitchen cupboards of all the foods I now knew were making my problems worse, that was seven months ago.

I’ve now removed 30 kilos (66 pounds) of unwanted fat with just 4 kilos (8 pounds) to go to my goal weight. I’ve got the energy that I thought was a thing of the past and I’m looking forward to a long, happy and active retirement. The pics show my current results.

I find keto easy to fit into my life. I eat out two to three times a week without worry or having any problems. I keep my food simple mainly sticking with fish, meat, above ground veggies and salads with homemade dressings. I focus on flavours from herbs and spices. I fast for a minimum of 16 hours per day. Occasionally adding longer fasts which I find easy to complete.

Within three months of starting the keto way of eating, my blood results were all back within normal parameters and my meds were reduced. At my last check-up, the cardiologist congratulated me on turning things around and as the arrhythmia is now almost none existent I will now only have annual revisions.

Starch structureThe endocrinologist was confused when he weighed me and took waist measurements. He checked them twice then double checked his records. He was shaking his head saying that he had never seen such a turnaround. He took details of the changes I’d made and shook my hand saying well done, keep it up you have found the key!

Try Diet Doctor and keto. The only thing to lose is fat. The gains are great health and energy.

My sister saw the results after four weeks so she joined me on the keto path. She has also lost 27 kilos and is close to her goal — feeling motivated with Sharon Ward.



Thanks for sharing your story Jackie! It’s always great to hear that people get the recommendation to do low carb from health care professionals, and it’s amazingly valuable that you’ve shared your progress with your endocrinologist. Imagine if he was so impressed that he starts learning about this, and helping his other patients using it? That could transform the lives of hundreds of people every year, empowering them to dramatically improve their health.

/ Andreas Eenfeldt, MD

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