How to lose 240 pounds without hunger

Is it possible to lose 240 pounds without hunger or weight-loss surgery? Here’s the amazing and inspiring story of Lynne Ivey, who did just that.

Above you can watch the first 11 minutes of our interview.

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  1. Lisa in Durham
    What a fantastic story!! Congrats to Lynne on her persistence and success. I'm a Durham native and would LOVE to have Dr. Westman as my doc, but unfortunately he's not on my insurance plan.

    Of course, Durham is known as the "diet capital." In college, I worked at a fitness spa that catered to "Ricers" - people following the very low-calorie, low-fat Rice Diet. After the spa owner told me I "needed to lose a few" (at 5'9" and 145 lbs) I tried the diet myself for a while and got very thin and very sick (my EMS boyfriend was taking my vitals regularly and warning me to stop)...only to gain the weight back and more, of course. I'm so glad folks like Dr. Westman and Lynne are in town with a very different message now!

  2. Wallace Dickson
    T'would be nice if I could read a text of the interviews and other information. Not everyone can understand a video presentation. Like me, many folks do better with an ebook or a textual script of an interview. We're not all young folks like most of your viewers. I have vision and hearing impairments. Can you provide me the text of the information about weight loss? If you cannot, then I don't think the membership fee would be a wise expenditure for me. Thanks anyway.
    Reply: #3
  3. Bjarte Bakke Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Wallace,

    We've noted your suggestion. I'm no sure how quickly we'll be able to do it though.

  4. Susan Fairweather
    I also have hearing loss and would love to see captioning support. I've decided to follow another program because of the number of videos here (which I'd LOVE to watch.) However I take inspiration from your free website. Thanks Wallace for bringing this up and Bjarte, for acknowledging the suggestion.
    Reply: #5
  5. Bjarte Bakke Team Diet Doctor

    I'm glad you like our website. We would like to add hearing aids to the videos in the future, but we're not quite there yet. Let us know if you have tips on how we could do this.

  6. Melinda Brown
    I am DEAF. Not all Deaf people wear hearing aids! Can't you just add subtitle in English? Google and find out how you can add subtitles? Please consider special population by adding subtitle-English. Can you do that soon?
  7. Jax
    Melinda, Bjarte actually meant captioning - not hearing aids.

    Bjarte, you make videos, maybe inquire within the blogosphere about adding closed captioning to your videos, not asking the customer. Lol who hosts your videos? Anyone can easily caption videos on YouTube, I'm sure your pay site can figure it out...

    I also use captioning - I have partial hearing loss but also comprehend much better if I can read the words- that's just how my brain works :)

  8. mariam
    Hiya - thanks for the sharing.
    Lyn did fantastically well initially, however my question is why has she not been able to maintain this weight loss completely over the last 3-4 years?
    I ask this because this is the reality for many people!
    Reply: #12
  9. Donna
    Just a suggestion, but as a transcriptionist, I often provided text versions of spoken meetings and dictations. My hands are not what they used to be, so I am not a candidate to offer to do so, but the costs are not very high for having the material transcribed. I, too, am not a fan of watching videos, but would absolutely read the story.
  10. Elizabeth
    This lady lost a ton of weight. Showed her at 139 pounds but from the video she had rolls of fat showing thru her green outfit. . Why did she gain so much back???
    Reply: #13
  11. PJ
    It's very possible with that kind of weight loss, the rolls you see are empty skin that does not always bounce back. I was not successful with bariatric surgery through no fault of the procedure, but I have seen people who have lost a lot of weight with much excess skin. It's one of the downsides of bariatric surgery. You get rid of one problem and feel much better, but the downside is pounds of skin. If you lose 200 pounds, to look "normal" you need surgery and that is very expensive.
  12. Lynne
    Hello, Miriam - thank you for your comment. It is Lynne (the one in the interview video). I'm sorry that my appearance is offensive to you, when in fact, I have done a great job of maintaining my weight loss.
    Reply: #22
  13. Lynne
    Hello, Elizabeth - thank you for your comment. It is Lynne (the one in the interview video). I'm sorry that my appearance is offensive to you, when in fact, I have done a great job of maintaining my weight loss.
    Replies: #16, #17
  14. Kat
    Lynne, you look amazing, and you seem like a wonderful person. Congrats on the incredible weight loss. Thank you for sharing your journey.
  15. Sandi
    You have inspired me Lynne! Great job! I started 8 weeks ago at almost the same weight you did. Im down 21.7 pds. I feel great! I have more energy and less pain n already! I know I can do this!!
  16. Joy
    I think you did a fantastic job and you look great! Just found this site and looking through the testimonials for inspiration.Thank you!

    Hello, Elizabeth - thank you for your comment. It is Lynne (the one in the interview video). I'm sorry that my appearance is offensive to you, when in fact, I have done a great job of maintaining my weight loss.

  17. Steve
    Lynne Many thanks for your sharing. Your interview encouraged me to continue LCHF.
  18. Sean
    My doctor told me about this lifestyle last week and I have started a LCHF diet immediately in a hope to lose 75lbs and reduce my risk of diabetes. I am so thankful my doctor recommended this site to me and I thank Lynne for being so brave and for sharing her story as it inspires me. You look stunning Lynn and you are a true inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing!
  19. Eva
    Still no subtitles?
    Reply: #21
  20. gbl
    Eva have you tried using a headset? I find it really helps me.

    I think adding a lot of 'benefits' must cost DD more money.

  21. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Eva!

    Click on "CC" for subtitles in videos.

    Still no subtitles?

  22. Susanna
    Hi Lynne. I can't speak for certain on some of the comments above that you responded to, but I feel they weren't criticising your current weight but instead hoping to get some help and input from you in terms of a person prospect at being able to maintain a huge weight loss on LCHF once the weight is off. How strict do you have to be? Is it an ongoing struggle? etc. Also, if what appears to be excess weight is actually excess skin (?), then readers might be helped by knowing that aspect too, so they can be realistic about their own journey. Thanks.

    Hello, Miriam - thank you for your comment. It is Lynne (the one in the interview video). I'm sorry that my appearance is offensive to you, when in fact, I have done a great job of maintaining my weight loss.

  23. Sheri
    Lynne, you did a phenomenal job!! You look great! Question: I have gone from 353lbs to 205lbs and am STUCK. I did it all with low fat diet and working out (more strength training than cardio). I just started the low carb diet to try to get the rest off. Did you find water retention to be a problem at the beginning? My weight is not budging, been at this for about two weeks now. Thanks for any input.
  24. Gabriella Lewis
    This lady is just FANTASTIC! And her journey should be very inspiring to all those who struggle with weight and "yo-yo" diets throughout life.

    Good job Lynne! You are gorgeous!

    Gabby Lewis

  25. Srinath
    I need to join as a member. But I have lost almost 90 lb and chasing the last 10-20. I went from 238 lb and pre diabetic on June 1 2016 to 140 lb or so Jan 13 2017 with professional track and field athlete (not line backer) type lab tests with the sharpest weight loss coming from Sept 15 to Dec 15 (219 to 148) but have since stalled.
    I am 5' 9.5" small-medium frames 48 yr old male. I measure ~9% or so BF via 7 point pinch caliper but I can grab a few handfuls of skin and fat around my torso. I want to lose that.
    I'd like to know if my fasts are even done right or if they are sabotaging my own success.
    These doubts aside, I am a poster child for fasting - not just 24 hr or 16-8. I have fasted for as much as 20 days.
  26. Helen Udoba
    woo this is really encouraging I have been looking for how and what to do to reduce my weight, now that I've found it, I will put it to work.
    thank you for putting this platform up, its really inspiring.


    Reply: #27
  27. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Good luck, Helen! :)

    woo this is really encouraging I have been looking for how and what to do to reduce my weight, now that I've found it, I will put it to work.
    thank you for putting this platform up, its really inspiring.thanks

  28. Marie
    You are beautiful, Lynn...and a redhead at that! Your story and all that you shared is an inspiration. I am a 63 year old redhead....a least for awhile....losing my hair to an auto-immune issue that is killing my hair follicles. So, that's s a little hard on the self esteem'. Also after originally losing 78 lbs, (variety of ways including low carb) I have gradually gained 40 back. I've dealt with stress by eating carbs, then the addiction/blood sugar/insulin thing kicks in with lots of cravings...always hungry. Of course, the cravings and subsequent "giving in to carbs" causes that old negative thinking, like "I must be a glutinous person with no self control". So helpful to hear again, that it is not my/our fault. Of course, we do need to be wary of what we put in our mouths, but knowing that the cravings are metabolic, rather than due to some character flaw is helpful. I do remember how once I have cleared my body from excess carbs, that food cravings become a non-issue. I did have control, and could make healthy choices, as long as I stayed with vegetables and proteins. Once the excesses carbs are out, I had the appetite of a naturally thin person. So, now I am garnering the enthusiasm and courage to start again on this LCHF journey to freedom and self control....and a healthy body weight. The scary part is takes quite a bit of prep to have enough good food around, and I have medical conditions that make that a challenge. I do worry about keeping it off, because that will require long term commitment. I know that I am a carb addict. A sugar addict. Once I start , I can not stop. I imagine that is the truth of why some people gain back their weight. They start eating too many carbs again, and cravings overwhelm. So, I must come to the place of knowing that in order to maintain weight-loss I must permanently avoid carbs. It seems I can handle very few, or cravings are triggered again. If I have even a very small dessert, or too much fruit, 2 days in a row, it is all over for me. I am working through that fear, and building the faith that the cravings will stop once I am stabilized again, and that a slim body and better health will motivate me to keep going. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Reply: #38
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  30. Kasren
    Melinda Brown, not sure how it happens, but my iPad shows closed captioning for the movies, the one above shows them... when the video is expanded to full screen mode there is a CC box to check on the bottom right.
  31. 1 comment removed
  32. Emily Hill
    Marie, I would love to hear how you are now that it is 5 years later. Your understanding of yourself as a sugar addict resonates with me. I have had similar experiences over and over again with having just a little carb or some fruit and then watching myself tumble off the wagon. I hope that you get this message and can let me know how you are and where you are on the journey now.

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