The doctor’s demand was crystal clear – lose at least 35 pounds!

Before and after

Before and after

Alma had to surgically remove one of her breasts after a breast cancer a couple of years ago. In order to qualify for a breast reconstruction the doctor had a tough demand; she had to lose at least 35 pounds!

By pure coincidence she heard of low-carb, this was back in august 2011, and she immediately took up her new eating habits. Here’s what happened.

The Email

Hi Andreas!

My feel good and health journey started in June 2011. In order to get on the wait list to undergo breast-reconstruction surgery, the demands were to lose weight, from 220 pounds (100 kg) to at least 187 pounds (85 kg). To work off all that weight was a utopia for me. I’ve never particularly enjoyed physical activity, especially not when I HAVE to. I started to experiment with the GI diet (low-glycemic index) and things started happening. But after that summer I accidentally heard about LCHF.

This was in the fall of 2011 and ever since then my family and I have been eating LCHF. When I started, I noticed fairly quickly that I didn’t get as angry as I used to. The anger issue had gone away! I no longer felt pain or fatigue, and haven’t felt it since then. I also lost 44 pounds (20 kg), perhaps not a lot but it felt truly amazing. My breast reconstruction went well too.

I have read up on different kinds of fasting and am now hoping that this 16:8 method will work wonders for my weight so that fat burning takes off. I’ll be skipping breakfast every morning – that’s all. My eating window will be between 11 am and 7 pm. It will be exciting to see what results I get!

Living with LCHF is to eat well and be happy!




Congratulations on your weight and health journey, Alma! Intermittent fasting, like 16:8, is often an effective way to speed up the weight loss after a plateau and works perfectly with LCHF.


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