The keto diet: From hungry and exhausted to satiated and energetic


Lori had tried everything to lose weight but had never succeeded. Calorie-restricted diets left Lori hungry and exhausted and it wasn’t until she found the keto diet she could start losing weight while still being satiated.

This is her story:

At the beginning of 2017, my husband and I had started and stopped dieting more times then I could count, always getting frustrated with sugar cravings and low energy with little to no results so we’d give up. Then on Mother’s Day 2017, I saw a picture of myself that absolutely horrified me but enabled me to finally commit to dieting and eventually stumble onto the Diet Doctor’s website. I was 47 years old, 150 pounds (68 kg) overweight, told I was diabetic and on medications for high blood pressure and diabetes. As a registered nurse, I knew I needed to lose weight because I was at a dangerously high risk but I didn’t know how to because I was always exhausted and hungry.

I started this journey doing the only thing I knew which was a 1200-calorie high protein and low-fat diet. I soon became exhausted and resorted to a few weeks of B12 shots with a fat burner at a weight loss clinic who continued to counsel me on lowering my calorie intake to 1000-1200 calories per day (I was over 300 pounds (136 kg) at the time and 5’11″ (180 cm)). Then a distant memory of some friends of ours a year before and their success with keto rang in my head. I started researching ketogenic diets and soon ran across the Diet Doctor website. I quickly learned through the videos how to implement the diet and most importantly, why it would work for me. That evening we started the 2-week challenge and we were hooked. The meals were so delicious and the low-carb eating kept me satisfied. Two weeks in, I was off my blood-pressure and diabetes medicines. I very easily converted to eating two meals in an 8-hour window and regularly practice intermittent fasting now. The pounds have just melted off of me and today when I am hungry, I eat guilt-free.

I am now a little over a year into the low carb lifestyle I have lost 115 pounds (52 kg), I have tons of energy and I love to cook again! My HbA1c is in the non-diabetic range, my cholesterol is better than ever and my blood pressure remains in the normal range. I had peripheral neuropathy and restless leg syndrome which have resolved as well as knee, back and ankle issues. I have converted many friends and family to the low carb lifestyle as they have seen the easy and miraculous results I’ve experienced. I tell anyone who asks (and many that don’t) about the low-carb lifestyle and how easy Diet Doctor makes it.

Thank you for making it so easy to learn and embrace the low-carb lifestyle! You saved my life!



Congratulations on your success and thank you for sharing your inspiring story Lori!

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  1. Karen
    Congratulations Lori. You look fabulous.
  2. Alyson Fishel
    Can you do Keto with no gall bladder and the gastric bypass surgery that was done 12,years ago?
    Reply: #7
  3. Bronte
    Congrats Lori. You did it! Well done. You look healthy, younger and beautiful. X
  4. Francoise
    Awesome! Congratulations!
  5. Fabiane
    Congratulations!🎉🎈🎊You look amazing and so happy now! 💕👏🏻
  6. 1 comment removed
  7. Nancy
    Yes! I have no gallbladder and had gastric bypass 18 years ago. I have lost 60 lbs on Keto, with 20 more to go. This WOE is totally sustainable. I will eat this way forever!
  8. Patricia
    Kudos Lori❗️I respect the courage it took you to take the first step to your recovery journey . You are an inspiration to prove change is possible. ❣️ As with any recovery~It’s one day at a time. You Go Girl as you radiate love and self care ❗️🤗
  9. Donna
    Wonderful job!! Proud of you for sticking with the plan. Can you tell me how many carbs, daily, you stuck to? Thank you!!
    Reply: #10
  10. TeeDee
    Hi Donna, while you wait for Lori's reply, I can tell you that a ketogenic diet is understood to be 20g of carb or less. Someone else may have something to add, but that's the basic amount that's recommended for weight loss. :)
  11. Berna
    What I would really like to see is info / studies on weight loss in the elderly. I mean 'real' elderly / 75 and older.
    Although I do a brisk walk for 30 minutes x 6 days a week I don't think I expend the same energy as a younger person does. And although exercise is not supposed to impinge greatly on weight loss I am left wondering about the amount of fat we are advised to consume.
  12. Della
    Technically I don’t qualify to answer, won’t be 75 until November. I’m down 60+ pounds since last September and would be considered sedentary. You do more deliberate exercise than I do. 😊
  13. Doreen
    Well done, great loss and great determination, inspiring, thank you
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  15. Bruce
    How about some videos of people who are not having such success on this diet, like me? I've been on keto for 3.5 weeks now, lost 8 lbs and then regained it. I haven't been cheating so I don't know why. Overeating perhaps?

    But it is not encouraging to listen to people whose "lives have been transformed" or whose weight "just melted away" or to whom the diet is "so easy."

    It is not easy for me. I still struggle with keto flu and food cravings. In the absence of carbohydrates, I tend to eat more, more than my body needs. Perhaps it is the medication I am on, which is known to cause great weight gain. So these success stories are discouraging to folks like us because it makes us feel like a failure. After nearly a month of struggle and feelings of deprivation, I have achieved nothing. It is even worth it?

    I have high blood insulin and am on my way to diabetes. If this diet doesn't work, I don't know what will.

    Bruce Wilson

  16. Bruce
    By the way, I find that keeping under 20 g of carbs a day is extremely difficult because my carb cravings increase and I am constantly thirsty all day.
  17. Jan
    I started keto just one month ago, and I am pleased with losing twelve pounds in that time and not craving the high carb foods I gave up. I am enjoying the most wonderful keto dishes, however, I am continually exhausted. Really exhausted to the point I make plans but often end up staying home. I love to exercise, but my gym time has suffered too. Do any of you have any thoughts? I do hope this will pass. (I did get a clean bill of health at my last annual exam) .. I did have a really tough time with the keto flu for about two weeks after starting.
  18. Mary Baechler
    Bruce, check this website for the list of physicians that teach this method.
  19. Erika
    Great job done! And quite inspiring, too! Thank you for your story! I hope to leave a similar one on this website ...

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