The top 5 tips to make fasting easier

5 tips to make fasting easier – Dr. Jason Fung
Is it hard to fast, for example to lose weight and reverse diabetes? In theory it is very easy – just don’t eat – but in reality there can be difficulties involved.

In this newest part of the fasting course Dr. Jason Fung shares his top five tips to make fasting easier, including #4: Don’t tell anybody.

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Further parts in the fasting course – as well as more recorded series with Dr. Fung and other experts – will be released shortly, as soon as editing is complete.


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  2. steven cruz
    Thank you for that book the obesity code I lost 74 pounds. Thank you again.
  3. Albert Khan
    Dr Fung, congrats and thanks. Your elucidation of type 2 diabetes is a good example of how clear you make things. Cheers.

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