How to become a fat-burning machine [teaser]

Do you want to lose fat weight? Then you need to burn fat. In this interview you’ll learn to burn a LOT of fat.

Dr. Eric Westman is one of the world’s leading experts on low-carbohydrate diets. Here’s the beginning of my interview with him about becoming a fat-burning machine.

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Eric WestmanEric Westman

Eric WestmanEric Westman

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  1. Peter Collins
    I tried this diet and after 4 days lost all my energy, I do see what you are saying but how can I have energy when there is no energy? I am a diabetic and would like to do this but need more info on the energy loss, can you help?
    There is also others who say carbs are the way to go, an out spoken opponent is a guy who calls himself Durian rider, what do you say about his point of view, I did this for several months to an lost weight, had heaps of energy but eventually went back to eating protein due to convenience due to living with meat eaters.
    I look forward to your reply.
    Regards Peter
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  2. Zepp
    Thats transitation side effects, loss of energy is loss of glucose in that stage!

    As a diabetic (type 2?) there are the problem of hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance.

    LCHF focus on geting rid of the insulin resistance by cuting carbs that rise blood sugar and insulin, leting your cells rest and to be more sensetive for insulin.

    I recomend that you take a longer transitation and cut out carbs slowly.

  3. Peter Collins
    Thank you Zepp, the second link has got me back on the LCHF way of living. I have also tried the fasting in the past and found it easy (5:2 diet book), I did have a small amount of oats for food and coffee under 500 cals, what would you recommend for the LCHF living style?
    Regards Peter
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  4. Zepp
    I rather recomend eggs and broth for your fasting days!

    You know 500 Kcal is about 7-9 eggs, and real broth is for minerals!

    Eggs are pure fat and proteins whit a lot of vitamines.

  5. Matthew cardinal
    peter Collins, I was on the starch diet for 14 months lost ten kilos, but then everything stalled my bloods were lower but still too high, and my cholesterol was high. So I have stopped, have been on the LCHF diet now for 4 days, putting extra salt on everything, and drinking heaps of water. I have only had a mild headache, and a slight tummy ache. 4 days in my blood is 5.3 and I have lost 700 grams. For me that is a good sign. I don't want to be on it forever, maybe slip in and out to maintain a healthy weight. hope this helps you.
  6. Mary
    I have been on this for a while now although skip for sometimes due to how and where to get some food stuff to supplement the carbs I was using. L am an african lady we eat garri which is carb and dnt knw wat to use and supplement it then snacks, some are carb even bread, pls wat do I do?
  7. Mary
    My tummy and hands are still big and l am very worried about them. Pls help me out
  8. Smita
    Mary I hope you get this but you can use aubergine or cabbage to make swallow and still eat all the soup except the ones like white soup which use yam to thicken
  9. Matt
    If I fast from 8pm in the evening to 12am the next day will a Coffee with a level teaspoon of pure cream and no sugar at about 6am in the morning be ok, will I still have fasted? Thanks...........Matt
  10. Khrystina
    Dr Jason Fung is, in my opinion, the authority regarding IF. Hope this link helps:

  11. Paul
    Are the bouillon you can buy of Amazon uk good enough? They do have carbs in them. Is that ok?

    Is stock cube the same as bouillon?

  12. Dawn
    Why aren't I losing weight by week 2 now without carbs or sugar? This is so frustrating as I've had friends successfully lose it. Is it because of my age? I'm 52 & went through menopause over a year ago. Now I have this stupid stomach that I've never had & was hoping this was the answer to finally getting those 8 lbs off I'd gained in the last few years. What am I doing wrong? Please help!!! Dawn
  13. Ewa
    I just started this low carb way of eating and I honestly am looking forward to what I can achieve today is my day 1 but I did that before last year and yes u feel tired and shaky but it passes and u get more energy in all you have to do stick with it and most likely will get better

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