Should you fast if you are addicted to sugar?

Ask Bitten Jonsson

Should you fast if you’re addicted to sugar? What about drinking Diet Coke? And how do you stick with your keto diet when you’re traveling?

These and other questions are answered this week by our food-addiction expert, Bitten Jonsson, RN:

Fasting and sugar addiction

Hi Bitten,

Thank you for your videos and for answering all the questions!

I’ve read on this site that you should not fast if you are addicted to sugar and flour. Could you please explain why?

I’ve done a five-day fast and my blood sugar dropped and stayed very low until I relapsed some weeks later. I would like to at least continue with intermittent fasting, is that a problem too?


Hi Inga,

I think your question answers itself. You relapsed and that is what commonly happens. I think we have to be sugar/flour free for at least two years and be in a very stable recovery before we fast.

Sugar addiction is not primarily about blood sugar, it is very much about a serious problem in our reward system in the brain and that is what creates the problem for us.

In my experience it takes at least 12 to 18 months for our brain to heal after going “drug free”. So be patient.

Take care,

Is it OK to drink Coke Zero?


Everyone tells me that Coke Zero is bad for me, however, I really struggle with drinking other beverages consistently (eg. water, herbal teas etc.)

Can you provide guidance or your opinion on whether it’s OK to consume Coke Zero short term (to get to a better position) and then quit long term, or is it something that I should be really trying to quit?

The reason for my struggle is I probably an emotional connection to Coke Zero and the taste, but I justify it because it’s only 1-2 calories.


Hi Alan,

That’s the way it is with us addicts, we have lots of “comfort foods”. But I do advice you to quit now because of it’s chemical content and use pure carbonated water and flavor that with lime and lemon yourself.

Here is another great drink that is spicy and stings in your mouth: Peel and chop a large piece of ginger in water, bring to boil and let simmer for a while. After it cools, squeeze two lemons and two limes into the brew. I make two one-liter bottles and it will keep in my fridge for a week and I dilute it with sparkling water or regular water to taste.

Hope you will try it,

Help for travellers who have no kitchen

I travel for work and am unable to do meal prep or cook. Do you have a list or plan available of meals I can purchase or a suggestion for how to be on the low carb or keto plan?



This was a mysterium to me in the beginning, how to do it on the road.

If you go by car it is easy, there are small coolers you can plug in to your car and most hotel rooms have a fridge. There are even small backpacks that have a cooling section in them.

I cook at home and bring food when I can. Meat and butter travels well and veggies (I buy salads at the airport and throw away the disgusting pasta). I go to the grocery store and buy good-quality cold cuts, cans etc.

Make a list of tools you can bring, i.e small knife (but not in your carry-on if you’re flying), a can opener, small bottle, sea salt, small bottle of olive oil etc.

I bring sardines in oil, but throw away the oil, it is never good unless you find some in extra-virgin olive oil, rare, and so forth. I also advice you to join our support group on FB (Sugarbomb in your brain) where you can ask this to people who have been traveling all over the world and staying on their meal plans.

Good luck,

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