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NYT: An Unconventional Cardiologist Promotes a High-Fat Diet


Dr. Aseem Malhotra is featured in the New York Times, explaining why he promotes LCHF, why lifestyle changes might be more powerful than drugs and talking about his newly released movie.

As part of a heart-healthy diet, I advise my cardiac patients to enjoy full-fat cheese, along with olive oil and vegetables. You should see the look on their faces when I tell them.
– Dr. Malhotra

NYT: An Unconventional Cardiologist Promotes a High-Fat Diet

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Dr. Aseem Malhotra Says the Future of Healthcare Is Lifestyle Medicine

Here’s a new TV interview with Dr. Aseem Malhotra talking about his newly released film “The Big Fat Fix”, and how diet and lifestyle can be immensely more powerful in treating disease than drugs.


The Big Fat Fix Movie Released Today!


The Big Fat Fix Movie Released Today!

The Big Fat Fix, the excellent new documentary about the failed low-fat ideas of the past and how to really get healthy, is now released.

The last word in the fight against dietary misinformation.
– Men’s Health
Both Donal O’Neill and Dr. Aseem Malhotra star in this film.

Donal is the brain behind the movie Cereal Killers which has been called “One of the top 10 movies that could change the world”, and Dr. Aseem is known as “a leading global voice in the fight against obesity.”

Now they’ve teamed up and the result is a great independent movie – financed via a successful Kickstarter campaign. I highly recommend it.

The movie goes way beyond the benefits of low-carb and high-fat diets, into other lifestyle factors that are also important for a long, happy, healthy life.

You can buy it for streaming ($4.99) or download here:

The Big Fat Fix

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Higher-Fat Diets Are Better at Keeping Disease at Bay

Can eating more fat make you healthier and increase your chance of staying disease free? Probably.

A new combined analysis of all earlier studies shows that a Mediterranean diet with unlimited amounts of fat may reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, obesity, breast cancer and type 2 diabetes:

DailyMail: High-Fat Diets ARE the Best: Mediterranean Diet ‘Significantly Reduces the Risk of Breast Cancer, Diabetes and Heart Disease’

Annals of Internal Medicine: Effects on Health Outcomes of a Mediterranean Diet With No Restriction on Fat Intake

It turns out that the obesity epidemic in this country is probably more due to our increased consumption of refined grains and added sugar and not so much from our fat consumption.
– Ben Spencer for DailyMail
According to the analysis, a high-fat Mediterranean diet is healthier and the better at keeping disease at bay, compared to lower-fat diets.

Dr. Aseem Malhotra, cardiologist, says that “It is high time we in the UK moved towards food based guidelines and lift restrictions on dietary fat from nutritious foods.”

When do you think that the guidelines will truly reflect these facts?

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The Big Fat Fix Is Finished

Can diet and lifestyle be powerful in preventing disease? What misconceptions have caused the obesity and diabetes epidemics? How are we wrong about treating and preventing Western diseases?

On the 22th of July the low-carb movie The Big Fat Fix (featuring the great Dr. Aseem Malhotra and Donal O’Neill) will attempt to answer these questions. The movie was funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign and will also show you how to become more “heart healthy” in just 21 days.

Watch the trailer above. To watch the entire movie before everyone else, go to the movie website and enter your email. This will also give you free access to the great low-carb movie Run on Fat:

The Big Fat Fix

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New Study: Avoiding Fat a Waste of Time – More Fat, More Weight Loss


Trying to avoid fat is a waste of time. A new study shows that compared to a low-fat diet, people lost more weight by eating a higher-fat Mediterranean diet. This after 5 years of follow-up.

In a comment on the study, Professor Dariush Mozaffarian writes that it is now “time to end our fear of fat”. He’s absolutely right.

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Is the Mediterranean Diet Healthy or Just Hyped?

4.8 out of 5 stars5 stars86%4 stars12%3 stars0%2 stars0%1 star2%50 ratings3,235 viewsIs the Mediterranean Diet healthy or is it just hyped?

Best-selling author Nina Teicholz has spent a lot of time researching the subject, and last year I sat down to talk to her. This interview has only been available on our member site but now everyone can watch it above.

Table of contents

   0:15  How was the Mediterranean diet defined?
  2:53  The Mediterranean diet and the olive oil industry
  5:30  Food is part of our cultural heritage
  7:24  Olive oil has never been shown to be heart protective

Some people don’t want Teicholz to be heard – she just got disinvited from a nutrition panel. Probably because the other participants did not want to debate what we actually know about nutrition and what is just dogma. Another reason to listen to Teicholz.

We need new ideas, because after 30 years of the obesity and diabetes epidemics getting worse every year one thing is absolutely clear: what we’re doing is not working.

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The Pioppi Kickstarter a Success!


The Kickstarter for The Pippi Protocol is a success, with 3 more days to go. The movie is funded and production will start right away, with a planned release in June.

You can still back the project until the deadline, if you want to be a supporter and get the movie etc. Any extra funds beyond this will allow the filmmakers to make an even better movie:

Kickstarter: Is the Mediterranean Diet a big FAT hoax?


Let Fat be Thy Medicine – the Final Push for Pioppi

It’s time for the final push to get The Pioppi Protocol fully funded by the people. Above you can watch a new message from filmmaker Donal O’Neill. The movie is 94% funded with only four more days to go. If they miss the target they get no funds at all and the project is dead. Can you help them reach the goal and make the movie?

Kickstarter: Is the Mediterranean Diet a big FAT hoax?

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Why a Famous Cardiologist Advises His Patients to Eat More Fat

Why did the famous British cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra start telling his heart patients to eat MORE fat? What convinced him that it’s the right thing to do? Here’s a great new article from him in Men’s Health – consider sharing the link:

Men’s Health: The truth about fat and sugar is finally explained

Dr. Malhotra’s crowdfunded – and thus free from commercial influence – documentary The Pioppi Protocol is now 72% funded with 6 days to go. Support it.