The failure of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign


It seems like Michelle Obama’s ambitious “Let’s move” campaign is a failure. Childhood obesity is not being solved, and there may be a good reason why.

A focus on exercise before getting rid of added sugars is pretty much doomed to fail. Not even kids can outrun a bad diet.

Here’s a short summary of the problem followed by a very ambitious feature:

Dunk the Junk: The Failure of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Campaign

Politico: The Great FLOTUS Food Fight

Eventually we’re simply going to have to accept that a focus on calories and exercise is not going to solve this problem, because it’s not caused by calories or a lack of exercise.

The obesity epidemic is caused by poor food quality (primarily too much sugar and refined carbs) and likely the only way to solve it is to improve food quality.

Update: For example, banning real whole milk and instead serving massively sugar-sweetened low-fat chocolate milk is not an improvement.


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