Powerful beverage lobby is battling to keep juice in new Canadian food guide

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A recent investigation by the Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail has revealed a secret campaign by the beverage industry to fight the removal of juice from the country’s new food guide.

The Globe and Mail: The Big Squeeze: Inside the fight over juice in Canada’s food guide

The report says an intense lobbying effort by the beverage industry is trying to make it seem like a grassroots movement is defending juice as both a healthy food choice and as an important source of jobs for Canadians.

The current Canadian Food Guide, not updated since 2007, says that half a cup of 100% juice can be a substitute for a piece of whole fruit. The Canadian government has announced proposals to remove 100% juice from the food guide and to require prominent labeling of the sugar content in all juice.

An 8-oz glass of juice can have the same amount of sugar as the equivalent amount of soda pop.

The story notes the beverage lobby has been orchestrating letter-writing campaigns and behind closed doors meetings “to create the appearance of a grassroots movement and a larger chorus of voices than actually exists” to defend juice as part of a “healthy balanced diet.” Dr. David Hammond, a professor of public health at the University of Waterloo said:

I would say the juice industry is acting equally as forcefully as tobacco companies to protect their interests.

Anne Mullens


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  1. Robert
    Hi, I am Canadian, what can I do to contribute to offset this lobbying? I have been on low carb since July 1 and feel great, not going back.

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