Did the introduction of the dietary guidelines start the obesity epidemic?

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Science writer Nina Teicholz is one of the people who has dug the deepest into the dietary guidelines. While doing so, she discovered that it’s not so much about nutrition, as it is about politics.

In this presentation, she discusses the reasons why low carb is rejected over and over again, in spite of good science in support of it.

Watch a part of the presentation above, where she discusses the introduction of the dietary guidelines and how it connects to the obesity epidemic (transcript). The full video is available (with captions and transcript) with a free trial or membership:

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  1. Pierre
    "it is about politics"

    and money

  2. Peter Z
    It is about politics. The issue is that wheat needs to be paired with fat to be safe. Like in all other international wheat based diets (vegetable, dairy or meat fat). The sugar lobby tried to increase sales by voting fat is/was bad. Which means there is less fat paired with wheat. If wheat is not paired with fat, it ultimately feeds bad guys in the gut. That's a root cause of today's disease issue, that doctors solve with drugs. And explains why "gluten free" wasn't required when we were kids. Because doctors don't learn about health without drugs. And because big pharma donates to universities, not free and natural. And shoots down natural approaches done in the past and in other countries today. The kind of health that existed in the past. Good thing Amazon's in health benefits ... it will be a new age. And natural doesn't do well with majority vote. Esplains why salt is bad, fat is bad, raw milk is bad and eggs are bad. But fake stuff seems fine.

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