Calling Android users: help test our app


Great news: an early version of our Android app is finally available. And we need some help from our awesome Android-using community to test it.

If you are an Android user who would like to be a “beta tester”, click on this link using your Android phone. Once the page has loaded, click the blue “Download” button – that’s it!

Our Android developer Stas Shakirov, who was hired last November, has been hard at work these last few months creating this app. He stresses that it is an early version that needs to be perfected by reports from users — like you!

One of the challenges of Android development is that, unlike the iPhone, the app must work well on hundreds of different screens and devices.

So the more people we get testing the app on their various smart phones, the better.

Says Stas: “We are opening the early access to our development version. We aim to measure and improve the app stability and performance on different devices by doing this.”

So test it out. Play with the app. Search recipes. Select some tags and complete recipe steps.

If something looks slow or broken, you are welcome to send a report to Stas about the issue. Email him at

Note, the beta testing process also automatically collects performance and usage metrics without you having to do a thing. Stas will be able to see from these automatic metrics how many people are trying it, what issues, if any, they may be having and if the app is showing stable performance across a wide variety of devices.

Again, this is an early version and does not yet have the full array of final features. Soon, however, especially with the help of beta testers, the app will eventually be just like our popular iPhone Diet Doctor Eat app. Some 900+ delicious low-carb and keto recipes on the app will be free for everyone, forever.

When the finished Android app is released, with a Diet Doctor membership, you will get access to customizable keto and low-carb meal plans with recipes, shopping lists and nutritional information you can trust.

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