Working hard behind the scenes for you


Have you ever seen a duck holding its place against a current? On the surface, it appears serene and still, but below the waterline, its little duck feet are busy paddling to keep its place.

In a way, that’s what happens behind the scenes at Diet Doctor with our evidence-based guides. 

The constant flow of scientific research never stops, so we have medical experts who work to update our guides to keep them timely, relevant, and inclusive of the latest evidence.

It keeps them current, in the current, as it were. 😉

On the Diet Doctor website, you can see the entire list of updated guides, and the date they were updated. More than 180 guides are listed and the page is continually refreshed.

For example, the popular guide “Top 17 low carb and keto controversies”, first written by Diet Doctor founder Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt in 2016, has been updated multiple times, including February 28, 2022. 

Another popular guide, “Dirty, lazy keto: is it for you?” was refreshed on February 16, 2022.

“We medically review and update each guide at least once a year,” says Dr. Bret Scher, medical director at Diet Doctor. He oversees the team that carries out the evidence-based updates. You can see the names of other health professionals involved in evidence-basing at the top of the guide.

“We do a review of the medical literature and check all the statements and citations in each guide. If anything is out of date, we add new, better references and remove outdated ones. Sometimes, we even change our position on an issue if the research evidence clearly shows that is now the best course of advice for our audience.”

For example, in 2021, our assessment of the science suggested that eating higher protein while remaining lower carb could be helpful for some of our readers. So we updated our protein recommendations, providing higher protein as an option for those looking to ramp up their weight loss or metabolic health improvements or improve their body composition.

“Sometimes, the changes are clearly visible, and sometimes not as visible to our audience. It may look unchanged on the surface, but know that we are working hard for you behind the scenes,” said Dr. Eenfeldt.

Check out the list of guides to see the latest updates. You may be surprised at how busy our medical ducks have been.

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