Gestational diabetes rates climbing — Can low carb help?

Pregnant woman checking blood sugar level.

Over the last decade, rates of gestational diabetes (also known as diabetes of pregnancy) have significantly increased in the US among all pregnant women.

In fact, between 2011 and 2019, rates increased from 47.6 to 63.5 per 1,000 live births in the US, according to a recent report in Medpage Today.

Medpage Today: Gestational diabetes rates climb among all racial, ethnic groups

In gestational diabetes (GD), a woman’s blood sugar rises too high. The condition puts the mother and the unborn baby at higher risk of many complications including very large size, birth defects, miscarriage, dangerously high blood pressure (pre-eclampsia), and even stillbirth. Additionally, GD increases the risk of future health problems, particularly obesity or diabetes, for both mother and baby.

The Medpage report links the increasing rates of GD to the increasing incidence of overweight and obesity in the general population and to the corresponding epidemic of diabetes in all populations. Since a low-carb diet is a powerful way to manage or even reverse type 2 diabetes, could it help women with GD, too?

Diet Doctor has explored the research science, talked to experts, and shared some stories of women with GD who chose to reduce carbs to treat their condition in our in-depth guide on GD and the low-carb diet. Check it out for more information.  Can low carb or keto help with gestational diabetes in pregnancy?

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