Diet Doctor EAT Android App is finally here. Check it out.


Yes dear Android users, your patience is finally rewarded. The Diet Doctor Eat app for Android is here.

After four months of development, the Android app is ready for downloading at Google Play. Search 900+ low-carb and keto recipes, mark your favorites, make shopping lists and even cook offline. Updates will be constant and seamless.

In March we received valuable feedback from more than 850 beta testers around the world, who played with the app and sent their experiences and feedback to Stas Shakirov, our lead Android developer.

“It was really great to have so many eager testers try it out,” says Stas, whom we hired last November. Diet Doctor searched more than 18 months for the right person for the challenging job. Stas has been working non-stop to make the app available by early April.

“It was particularly helpful to have screenshots of how it looked on various devices, especially when it was not appearing the way it should.”

That huge device variability is a major challenge with any Android app development. Unlike an iOS app for iPhones and iPads which only have three basic devices, apps for Android smartphones and tablets have to work on hundreds of devices of varying screen sizes and functionality.

Deanna Bain of Sutter Creek California was one of the enthusiastic beta-testers. She tried it on both her Samsung 8+ and Samsung 20A. “It worked fine on both. I like the app very much. The recipes are wonderful and the app is very easy to use.”

The app not only is searchable for 900+ keto and low-carb recipes, it can automatically create a shopping list by adding one or more recipes to it. You can also keep track of your favorite recipes. Everything works offline, too, so you can cook offline and use the shopping list offline so you save data usage.

Stas stresses that this release is still an early version and does not yet have all the features of the iOS app. However, the app will be continuously improved. Updates will be regular and seamlessly integrated into the app without users having to download new versions.

Again, just like with the beta testers, we welcome feedback, reports from users about any problems or glitches. Together, we make it better and better. Send feedback through the help center (click on “Help” at the bottom right corner).

“Without a doubt, the number one thing people have been asking us for most often in the last year is an Android version of our app,” said Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, CEO and founder of Diet Doctor. “I’m really happy that we now have great apps for both our iPhone and Android users, and we’ll keep improving these apps every week.”

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