More than 500+ healthcare providers now on our map


Diet Doctor has hit a new milestone! We now have more than 500 doctors and other low-carb clinicians on our global “Find a Doctor” map.

“I am really proud of this growing list of practitioners,” said Dr. Bret Scher, medical director of Diet Doctor. “It shows the steady increase in the global community of clinicians who are committed to helping patients adopt a nutritional approach to reverse diabetes and metabolic syndrome, lose weight, and improve their general health.”

Quickly find one of 500+ doctors, searchable by location, speciality, and see if they offer remote consultations.

We started the map feature in February 2019. Then, in April of 2020, we updated the page to make it a more visually attractive and interactive resource.

Each individual provider we list also has their own page with a unique URL. This enables them to share their page with their network. Or, if they prefer, they can provide us with information to update their page with more details about their research or practice.

We know, however, that hundreds, maybe even thousands, more doctors and health professionals are out there, who will support patients to adopt a low-carb diet. We want to list them all.

Their presence on our site is visual proof that low-carb medicine is becoming an evermore legitimate standard of care. Every dot on the map likely represents hundreds of patients who are being helped by a clinician who’s comfortable with low-carb nutrition.

It is important to note that being a clinician on our map doesn’t mean you only use low-carb diets — or that you always recommend this way of eating to every patient,” Dr. Scher said. “It simply means you recognize low carb as a legitimate therapeutic option that can succeed in the right settings with the right patients.”

How the listing process works:

We check each clinician’s credentials and do a background search for anyone who applies to be listed. We never list any clinician without his or her expressed consent.

We have recently expanded the resource to include health providers who are experienced with low-carb nutrition — but who are not licensed to prescribe medications. These providers have “non-prescribing healthcare provider” noted on their profile.

In the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are also highlighting the increasing number of practitioners seeing patients through remote consultations. We appreciate how this allows more people to improve their health, while also potentially reducing the risk of serious complications from contracting the virus — all while keeping social distancing practices in place.

Come join us and spread the word.

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