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  2. Catherine
    Thank you so much for the High Protein podcast. This is finally everything I can eat!!! I love the direction DD is going in with this!!
  3. Lisa
    Fascinating podcast. I love hearing from the Diet Doctor experts - and the fact that this way of eating is still evolving. There’s more things to try out, more tools in the armoury to see what works best for your body and where you are on the weight loss /metabolic health journey. And I’ve had some success with making the switch to higher protein. I’ve been steadily losing 1-2 lbs per week following Diet Doctor recipes but then faced a stall. I started reading about Kristie’s highER protein recipes so I’ve recently aimed to maximise protein and for the first time started using Carb Manager. This has really helped. Previously I was just using DD recipes and not counting anything, now I’m looking closely at carbs, protein and fat and the dial has shifted again. I love the daily emails and links to articles and videos/podcasts like this one. I’m so grateful for Diet Doctor and I’m so proud of the progress I’ve made. Thank you!
  4. Gay
    This was awesome!!!! I absolutely love and appreciate what your team is creating at Diet Doctor. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  5. Connie
    In 2017, at 65 yrs. of age, I discovered low carb eating and finally reversed pre-diabetes and the steady incremental weight gain I'd had for years. Being short, the 25 pounds lost was wonderful even though I never made it to the 30 I wanted to lose. In 2020 (what a year, right?), 10 pounds creeped back on as I started losing the battle with my sugar cravings, and my eating 16:8 gradually became 10:14. What to do? In early 2021 I successfully got back into eating very low carb meals in a 12:12 window that was an improvement, but still gained weight gradually as I couldn't resist the unhealthy snacks. THEN, I watched this podcast! The proverbial light went on as I realized I was eating at most half the protein I needed. Wow! Started my next meal (lunch) with an eye to protein, was too full to bother with snacking that afternoon and was so satisfied with dinner I couldn't even think of snacking that evening. Two weeks now without sugar cravings and 5 pounds down. A bonus is that when I shared this podcast with my husband, who so far has been healthy and fit on high carb, was finally intrigued enough to lower his carbs and concentrate on getting enough protein. THANK YOU!
  6. Liz
    This was really helpful. I have been eating keto for nearly three years now, but stalled and put on a few pounds consistently over the last six months. As an older woman, it has given me hope that I can lose the weight again and be more healthy by increasing the protein. Looking forward to the experiment!
  7. melaniearcher123
    Very interesting podcast. I’m going to structure all my plates around the protein first - and also eating the plate first. I’ve definitely not been eating anywhere enough protein probably my whole life.

    If I could make a podcast suggestion it would be on the feeding and diet of children. I first got interested in food after I had my daughter and dealing with her phenomenal appetite. I’ve since lost a lot of weight by slashing carbs, so I’m mindful of the impact of carbs when feeding my daughter.

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