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  2. Irene
    Where is the transcription button for #63, please?
    Reply: #34
  3. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    Where is the transcription button for #63, please?

    The transcript usually follows the video by a few days. It should be up soon.

  4. Karen
    This was another FABULOUS video and I learned so much. Dr. Birman is a wealth of knowledge and does a great job explaining what he knows. He is clearly a great researcher and teacher.
  5. Karen
    And Dr. Bikman, sorry, my spell checker is always trying to autocorrect!
  6. ulli
    Very informative, thanks!
  7. Shannon
    Excellent! I love Dr. Bikman’s wisdom and insights. Just hearing him talk about all things insulin resistance helps me personally and also professionally (as a medical provider). It’s accessible, easy to follow, and easy to understand. I refer patients to his book all the time. This will be a great podcast as an intro to his work.

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