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  2. Irene
    Where is the transcription button for #63, please?
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  3. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    Where is the transcription button for #63, please?

    The transcript usually follows the video by a few days. It should be up soon.

  4. Karen
    This was another FABULOUS video and I learned so much. Dr. Birman is a wealth of knowledge and does a great job explaining what he knows. He is clearly a great researcher and teacher.
  5. Karen
    And Dr. Bikman, sorry, my spell checker is always trying to autocorrect!
  6. ulli
    Very informative, thanks!
  7. Shannon
    Excellent! I love Dr. Bikman’s wisdom and insights. Just hearing him talk about all things insulin resistance helps me personally and also professionally (as a medical provider). It’s accessible, easy to follow, and easy to understand. I refer patients to his book all the time. This will be a great podcast as an intro to his work.
  8. Oddný
    I love listening to him. But it leaves me thinking, how can it be that nobody has tried this intervention with relaxation and sleep as the intervention. Maybe the best studys to date are with sleep apnea but that has a big confounder

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