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Low-Carb Nuts – the Best and the Worst

What are the best and the worst nuts to eat on a low-carb diet? Check out this guide, the lower-carb options are to the left.


Low-Carb Nuts

The numbers are the percent of digestible carbohydrates, i.e net carbs (fibre is not counted).

This means that a hundred grams of nuts (3.5 ounces or about three handfuls) – will contain this number of grams of carbs.

The best and the worst

The three best options are to the left – Brazil, macadamia and pecan nuts – and can be eaten freely even on a strict low-carb diet. This is because they are so full of healthy fats and so satisfying that it’s pretty much impossible to eat too many carbs this way.

The group in the middle can be enjoyed in moderation by most people on low carb.

The worst options are to the right, pistachio and (especially) cashew nuts. Be very careful with these nuts if you’re trying to lose weight or reverse your diabetes, as the carb grams will quickly add up. Just two handfuls of cashews contain 20 grams, the daily allowance on a strict low-carb diet.

Salt and reward

Most people find that nuts taste better and get more rewarding when they are salted. Be aware that this can often result in eating far more nuts than you need to stop your hunger, something that can slow down weight loss. A good option is to just bring out a small bowl of nuts, not the entire bag.


Here are our most popular low-carb recipes featuring nuts.

More (including snacks)



Worse choices


Of course all nuts are still better than most other snack options – like potato chips or candy. All nuts (even cashews) are much lower in carbs than these.



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  1. Karen Brooks
    But peanuts are legumes and aren't thry5 starchy? I don't eat legumes since starting LCHF initially based on Mark Sisson's primal lifestyle bit now much more base on your guidance.
  2. Hi Karen!
    Peanuts could be used as occasional snacks, but I would not recommend to use it as a base ingredient in your diet.
  3. Dominic Greco
    What sweeteners are ok On the LCHF DIET?
  4. Tom G
    When you start listing legumes as nuts and don't cite your sources of information, you can healthily start questioning this graphic's legitimacy. Some of the data is waaay off most global public data on foodstuffs.
    Reply: #56
  5. Nadine
    I am a vegetarian and would like to sign up for the trial but would want the 14 day meal plan to be vegetarian. Can you please let me know if this is possible and if keto eating for weight loss for a vegetarian can be successful? Thank you!
  6. Not Tom G
    So many uneducated people on here that can barely read, if you people go buy the serving of 100 grams and take the total carbs minus dietary fiber, this graphic is spot on. Also most people Tom think of peanuts as nut and NOT legumes hence them being in this graphic, if not so many people would be asking about peanuts. You and most the people on here are not very clever, in fact the opposite.
  7. Luna bS
    Love the graphic and details, thank you dear Dr Diet Doctor Team! As I am happily munching on my 6th or 7th brazil nut, I have a pragmatic question, when you say "A good option is to just bring out a small bowl of nuts, not the entire bag."

    How MANY grams is "a small bowl of nuts" that we should be allowing ourselves to consider one snack on the strict low-carb diet?

    Thanks in advance!

  8. Paula
    Hello! Would like to start this but don't have time to go through recipes to work out the basic ingredients & foods to have in the pantry. Do you have a basic shopping list available?
    Reply: #60
  9. Joan Muscat

    I LOVE THIS SITE! Thank you. My question is why don't restaurants have 'Low Carb Options' list on menus? We are all obsessed with diet, lifestyles, weight etc so why not make it easier for us to eat out? Going on holiday can be a real problem because you might have a bad day but that should not be compounded by not being able to eat out right the next day. The recipes here are VERY easy and great tasting so surely chefs could make lists similar to these? A few cafes are popping up but not restaurants. Places you go at night.

    Apart from starting my own restaurant - which i couldn't do - any suggestions on how we how could get this important NEED out there? It is a need because food and socialising are primary needs.

    Thanks again

  10. Michelle W.
    Look at the meals, i found it a great help as the recipe for the entree and sides are there. There also might be a weekly or monthly type plan that would provide much more info. I stay away from that since I may not like or have access to all the ingredients. But its worth investigating! This is my favorite website so far!
  11. Rebecca
    I notice a bit of concern over Brazil nuts and selenium. Is there any research about selenium poisoning from Brazil nuts? 2 a day seems pretty paltry, and not very helpful if you want a 100g snack.
  12. Ajay
    Can I use Soya flour for low carb diet.?
    Can I eat Mango?
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