Food addiction solutions from Dr. Vera Tarman


If you have food addiction, you’re not alone! 

Here’s how Dr. Taman summarizes her course:

Who is the Sugar & Food Addiction course for?

It’s for anyone who feels out of control around food in general or sugar and sweets, in particular. Whether it’s binging, secret eating, compulsive overeating, or some other issue with food that may be leading to health problems, excess weight, or affecting self-esteem and self-worth, this course will teach people that these kinds of behaviors have nothing to do with “willpower,” and feeling this way around food is not all in their head. There are logical reasons for why we engage in self-destructive behaviors with food, and this course will explain the biology behind it all and give concrete strategies to start making lasting change. The course is also ideal for clinicians working with patients and clients who struggle with their weight or self-sabotaging eating behaviors.

How can participants benefit the most from the course?

The best way is to make it a priority: go through all the lessons, and maybe even watch the videos more than once. Interact in the support group that’s part of the course — connect with others for encouragement and accountability. And then afterward, have a continued support system to help navigate longer term hurdles so you can build a strong recovery.

Our moderators found the course incredibly helpful, and all who took it enthusiastically recommend it to others with food addiction.

Some of the key lessons from the course were:

Completing the course has made our moderators better at their jobs and better prepared to help others with food addiction. We hope that makes your experience with our app more effective, too. 

And, for those of you who do live with food addiction, we highly recommend Dr. Tarman’s course.

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