Happy Easter!

Low-carb and keto recipes for easter

And this year the Easter bunny’s bringing… real food! Whatever you prefer to serve on Easter Sunday, we’ve got you covered with low-carb options. In the mood for glazed ham, roasted lamb or flaky salmon baked to perfection with lemon and butter? How about some lovely greens on the side? You’ll find them all in the recipes below.

But first. How about this adorable little DIY project that will put a smile on everyones face?

If you’re serving a crowd, we suggest making a bunch of different dishes and serving them buffet style. This way there’s always something for everyone if there are allergies or other preferences to consider.

And if there’s room for dessert, we have a selection that provides all the indulgence, but with less sugar and no artificial sweeteners. All of us at Team Diet Doctor wish you a Happy Easter and joyous spring.


We suggest starting your day with eggs. Boiled, fried, scrambled or deviled? The choice is yours!

Easter buffet

These dishes makes a great buffet for any gathering you might be hosting this spring. Adding plates filled with colorful vegetables to your table is a great way to help guests see beyond old and boring starches.


We definitely recommend cheese for dessert but if you’re in the mood for something else, take a look at this selection of treats.

What’s your Easter like?

What are you serving for Easter this year? Maybe you are celebrating another holiday? Regardless, we hope you get to have a wonderful time with family and friends. Please let us know what’s on your dinner table in the comments below.

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  1. Edith
    Love the beautiful Eadter recipe suggestion photos however I'm not able to click on & get the recipes to make for Easter.
    We used to make fresh strawberry pie (strawberries in pie shell with sweetened strawberry Jello glaze). Would love to have LCHF version
    So thankful to Diet Doctor for getting me off the sugar merry-go-round!

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