Low carb around the world

Low carb and keto around the world

Diet Doctor has visitors from all around the world (231 countries and territories in the last month). This makes us very happy. We want to inspire people to a better health through fantastic food, no matter where they live.

Below you’ll find low-carb recipes influenced by different world cuisines. Feel free to leave a comment below about where you come from, what food is typical where you live and what kind of recipe you’d love to have a low-carb version of.

Perhaps we’ll be able to make your favorite dish in a delicious low-carb way!


  1. Asian
  2. French
  3. Mediterranean
  4. Indian
  5. Mexican








Feel free to leave a comment below. What favorite recipe would you like to see a low-carb version of?[/text_left]


  1. Cathi
    My Swedish dinner companions talked about a zucchini unpotato salad, could you find that recipe?
  2. Uta Stelson
    I teach in China, and one of the Chinese foods that I really like are Steamed Buns. Unfortunately, they are high in carb, so I'd love to have a low carb version to prepare at home. That would make it so much easier to bypass the street vendors!
  3. russell
    PAD THAI! using shirataki noodles or zucchini "zoodles"...

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