Low-carb garlic chicken

Get your garlic on with this lively low-carb chicken dish! It’s full of lemon and fresh parsley, and makes the world’s yummiest weeknight meal.
Get your garlic on with this lively low-carb chicken dish! It’s full of lemon and fresh parsley, and makes the world’s yummiest weeknight meal.
4 servingservings


  • 2 lbs 900 g chicken drumstickchicken drumsticks
  • 2 tablespoons 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 5 - 10 5 - 10 garlic clove, slicedgarlic cloves, sliced
  • 1 1 lemon, the juice
  • 8 tablespoons 120 ml fresh parsley, finely chopped
  • 4 tablespoons 4 tablespoons butter


Instructions are for 4 servings. Please modify as needed.

  1. Preheat the oven to 450°F (225°C). Place the chicken pieces in a butter-greased baking pan. Salt and pepper generously. Sprinkle the garlic and parsley over the chicken pieces, and drizzle the lemon juice and olive oil on top.
  2. Bake the chicken until golden and the garlic slices have turned brown and roasted, about 30–40 minutes, depending on how large the pieces are. Lower the temperature a little towards the end.


Explore your side dish options! Serve with aioli and a hearty salad. Or how about a delectable cauliflower mash?

And don’t let any of this chicken go to waste! It’s just as delicious – and versatile – the next day. Serve it cold or warm, or as the centerpiece of a gorgeous salad!


  1. Catherine
    I can't find the recipe for the aioli?
  2. Rikke
    Hi Catherine!
    To make aioli you just take som Hellmann mayonnaise and mix it with perhaps 2 pieces of garlic (I'm not sure what you call it in english - but it's not 2 whole garlic, but only 2 pieces. I hope you know what I mean:-)). You need to crush the garlic.
  3. JoAnn
    Cloves of garlic are the pieces that make up the whole unit...so two cloves.
  4. MonaLisa
    It says Oliveoil and butter...Now, what are they for?

    Also, it doesn't say how I do the garlic.
    But, later on it says something about the garlic slices...

    Someone needs to read through these recepies...

  5. Mark
    Getting it ready now. MonaLisa, I'm assuming just chop or slice the garlic pieces so you can spread them over the chicken. I'm rubbing the chicken with oil and butter before seasoning and cooking them that way. Can hardly wait!!
    Reply: #6
  6. Mark
    I accidentally reported on my comment. Didn't know what that icon on the right was for. Oops!

    FYI, I thought that was another delicious and easy meal. The cauliflower mash was super hit. Did it exactly as instructed and found the lemon and zest really impacted it positively!! I had a couple of left over raw pork chops from Tuesday and decided to cook them in the process. Turned out also.

  7. Denise
    Definitely agree with MonaLisa.... And what do you do with the lemon? The directions leave a lot to be desired.................
  8. Anita in North Carolina
    I think it should read, "Juice of 1 lemon".

    I agree with others re: the butter, but also regarding the olive oil. Do you use the 2 Tbsp to grease the baking pan, or to allow the salt, pepper, garlic and parsley to adhere to the chicken?

  9. celena
    Do you bake this covered or uncovered?
  10. Judy
    Confused about the olive oil and butter .
    Maybe the olive oil is for the aoili ??- I thought olive oil is healthier when usedin salads and not heated...
  11. Adam
    Uncovered worked out great for me and I did Martha Stuart's recipe for the lemon aioli and it was delicious ^__^ seems so plain but it was really flavorful!!
  12. carol
    This is very good with grated cheese on top
  13. Cindy
    I have been making this for years. My shortcuts are to put the chicken in a pour. Mince the garlic, more cloves if you like garlic, less if you don't. Drizzle the olive oil over the chicken, salt and pepper to taste. Take your hands and rub the oil into the chicken. Pour into the pan and bake. It's also great with a head of cauliflower cut up and put in there. It's a good keeper for when you don't feel like cooking.
  14. sunanda
    my favorite dish garlic chicken.. yumm i enjoyed for dinner and next day lunch..
  15. Eskeffin@aol.com
    Recipes need to be clearer
  16. Carolyn
    Is there nutritional information on the recipes anywhere ? I'm on a strict calorie count so need to see the calories as well as the carb, fat and protein info.
    Cindy, what's a pour that you put your chicken into ? Thanks
    Reply: #17
  17. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    If you hover your mouse over the symbol for "Strict Low Carb" on the picture then you will get the nutritional info, but not the calories. We normally do not recommend calorie counting. However it's possible for you to count the calories with the given info.

    This example:
    5*4 =20 kcal from Carbs

    25/3*20 = 167 kcal from Protein
    72/3*20 = 480 kcal from Fat

    Total : 667 kcal/serving :)

    Is there nutritional information on the recipes anywhere ? I'm on a strict calorie count so need to see the calories as well as the carb, fat and protein info.
    Cindy, what's a pour that you put your chicken into ? Thanks

  18. Helen
    I agree, the recipes are not proofread. Neither is the Week 1 shopping list. I had to go through each recipe carefully and found that the shopping list was either missing something or included something that was not in week 1 recipes.

    In this recipe, what is the butter for? And 4 tablespoons??? That's half a stick!

  19. Carol
    It's amazing when I read comments like what do you do with the lemon and how do you fix the garlic. It's is clear to me, you squeez the lemon to obtain the juice and slice the 8 to 10 coves of garlic. The whole garlic is a head. I guess you have to read what's in the receipies and then look at the directions on preparation and assembly. GOOD JOB.
  20. Rita
    Carol what your saying makes since. I understood it as well, but some of there recipes I agree with some of the other followers that the recipes are not clear.

    April 29 th

  21. Marie
    I, too count all calories, weigh all food, measure and record everything - why ? Because if I do not I eat way too much, I really seem to be missing a 'full button'. Also many times in all the videos we are exhorted to eat more fat, moderate protein, low carbs. What is More Fat and Mod.Protein differs from what a 183cm tall active man requires and what a very short (145cm) very fat (96 Kilo) and sedentary old lady needs, although I could easily eat all that the 183cm tall man eats! The low carbs are easy - under 20g for Strict Low Carb that is for everyone, as are the other Carb quotas. Sometimes I think this site is trying to simplify things a bit too much, but I do love the site, and the receipes.
  22. Joy
    @Marie, I think you have ample data to know what's enough food for you. I suggest, try letting go of calorie counting and TRUST your body, you will get the signal that you are satiated. In HFLC, you may not feel "full" but you will feel "satisfied". Two different feelings-- but you will recognize it. Also,its difficult to overeat when you eat a lot of fats and low carbs. :) You will know when it's enough. It took me about a couple of weeks of writing everything I eat, measuring and calculating calories--before I figured out how much is enough for me. I think the approach of DietDoctor is very good--not worry about calories, Just focus on eating fats, whole foods and just be mindful. I think their suggested servings is general, it's up for the individual to adjust. It will be difficult for diet doctor to specify how much protein, how much fats, how much carbs....as you already mentioned- the macros is individual. Good luck on your journey to good health!
  23. Carole
    I have prepared this recipe with both thighs and wings and it has always been a hit. I use whole garlic cloves, rather than slicing them, in order to save a few carbs yet still really infuse the dish with a pungent, garlicky flavor. As an aside, I'm another person who wishes all the nutritional data were available rather than merely having percentages listed.
  24. Viviane
    Ok I just finished eating the chicken with garlic and lemon, it was delicious! The meat was very tender and I just love all the garlic! The cauliflower mash is a keeper too! So far, every recipe has been simple to prepare and very, very tasty. I am just loving this!!!!
  25. Carol
    This is my favorite recipe. The instructions are very clear and easy to prepare I can't understand the confusion. Read the ingredients then how to prepare. In other words from left to right.
    Reply: #33
  26. Davis
    Carol, if you look back through the comments, you'll see that the confusion surrounding the recipe stretches back months. The Diet Doctor site amended the recipe to clear it up. Perhaps it is you who ought to learn to read from top to bottom.
  27. Jean W
    I cooked this dish, with a side dish of cauliflower mash and found that both dishes where quite rich and strongly flavored.
    i am not keen on the Parmesan cheese, for the cauliflower mash, is there an alternative cheese to use instead
  28. Nayha
    Chicken is skinless ?
  29. Liz
    This is absolutely delicious and so easy to make. My husband declared it "restaurant quality."
  30. Megan
    Can this be used with chicken breast? My husband and I don't like eating bone in food.
  31. Steph
    This is one of my favorite recipes! I used chicken thigh, with bones. Looks like picture. Wonderful flavor. It was a nice change from the cheesy casseroles.
  32. Mindi
    The chicken was great. I put too much Parmesan in the cauliflower mash (first time making it) and I didn't care for it. I'll try it another time.
  33. Cathy, WA
    Hi Carol...hope you're still in this forum! I'm with you, I had no problems in understanding this recipe at all!!
    I haven't made it yet, I'm a Very Newcomer! Thinking about tonight, my sister (whose had much success) introduced me to this diet. So hopefully I'll be shopping/cooking from it starting today!
    If you're still out there, wish me luck!!!
  34. Anja
    Can you freeze this?
  35. Gencay
    Where can I see how much calories a serving has?
    Reply: #36
  36. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Gencay!

    We don't promote calorie counting so we don't have that info. But you can see the macro nutrients. It's actually possible to calculate the calories from that info but it's a bit complicated.

    Where can I see how much calories a serving has?

  37. Ajo Pollo
    Recipe created by: Anne Aobadia
    Photograph taken by: Emma Shevtzoff

    Full recipe can be found here with complete instructions (it's in swedish but the magic of google translate can fix that)

  38. 1 comment removed
  39. Senad
    if I skip my breakfast and if my lunch was only 5g carbs,may I for dinner at 6:45 pm eat double portion of Garlic Chicken (1 portion is 5g carbs) and finish my whole day with total 15g of carbs ?
  40. Yasin
    Can you use all this on chicken breast?
  41. Margaret
    This was delicious and so easy to make! I used bottled lemon juice and dried parsley as shortcuts. I'd serve it to guests, it looks fancy. I have to figure out something to do with the juices - I don't like cauli rice. Next time I might throw in some Greek olives and/or mushrooms.
  42. Mona
    Reading the translation from Swedish to English makes this delicious recipe even more fun!
  43. Margaret
    So fast and delicious. Seems fancy but it's so easy, with ingredients I always have on hand (dried parsley, a bottle of Real Lemon juice). Dresses up the chicken nicely.

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