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Miss bread and other baked goods on low carb or keto? It’s very possible to make, but it requires different ingredients and it’s just… different.

Here’s our new guide to low-carb baking ingredients, important things to consider and all of our top low-carb baking recipes!


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Ingredients for low-carb baking

Low-carb baking is different from traditional baking. First of all you need to get to know a bunch of new ingredients used instead of flour made from wheat or other grains. The most common ones that we use here on this site are almond flour, coconut flour and ground psyllium husk powder.

Almond flour is a gluten-free nut flour that should consist of nothing but ground blanched almonds. This means that you can make your own at home, from scratch, by grinding whole blanched almonds to a fine meal (unless you just want to buy it). Using a coffee or spice grinder usually works best. Be careful not to grind them for too long or the nuts will release their fat and you´ll end up with almond butter, which is a great tasting nut butter but perhaps not what you were going for when making almond flour.

1 cup (240 ml) of almond flour weighs 3½ oz. (99 grams).

Coconut flour is made from cold-pressed coconut flesh that’s been dried and then ground to a fine meal. It has a characteristic coconut flavor and a high fiber content that binds the liquid in a dough. As it, like almond flour, is gluten-free it won’t make a dough rise like traditional flour when yeast is added.

1 cup (240 ml) of coconut flour weighs 4½ oz. (128 grams).

Ground psyllium husk powder is 100% pulverized psyllium husk shells and is used to give a bread-like texture to what you’re baking. Due to its high fiber content it’s often sold as a laxative which can be good to know if you have a sensitive digestive system. When adding it to a liquid it turns into a gel-like substance. It works a bit like gluten in traditional baking, and makes it possible to handle the dough when rolling or shaping it.

1 tbl of ground psyllium husk powder weighs (10 grams).

These products all tend to differ a lot between different brands which unfortunately makes low-carb baking a bit tricky. For example, some brands of ground psyllium husk powder color the dough purple. It doesn’t seem to affect the taste but makes the outcome a bit more… purple. The amount of carbs in almond and coconut flour can also vary quite a bit between different brands. Read the labels and choose the best one available.

Substituting flours

A common question is whether you can substitute almond flour for coconut flour and the other way around. Yes, often you can but not in equal amounts. 1 cup of almond flour can be substituted for 1/3 cup of coconut flour. 1/3 cup of coconut flour can be substituted for 2/3 cup almond flour + 1.5 tablespoons of ground psyllium husk powder. The amounts may need to be adjusted depending on what brands you’re using.

Do you need baking on low carb?

The ingredients above are usually quite expensive and might take some experimenting to get the hang of using. The low-carb or keto way of eating by no means require baking. If you don’t miss bread you certainly don’t need to replace it with a low-carb version but if you do miss bread or maybe just miss the baking itself the recipes below might be of interest to you.

Please share your best and worst low-carb baking experiences in the comments below and let’s help each other out making low-carb baking simple and fun!


Bread recipes


Savory dishes


Sweet treats


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  1. LCHF4life
    The first time I made a low-carb bread product from one of these recipes, it had a horrible metallic taste, and I threw it away. In hindsight, I probably hadn't incorporated the baking powder thoroughly and bit into it.

    In general, I don't find the baking recipes on this site to have the detail that I'm used to seeing for baking, which is far more exacting than people realize. I'm sure you'll continue to improve.

    Reply: #19
  2. Marion
    You can buy vital wheat gluten (the protein bit of wheat), and I was wondering wether one can use it in low carb baking. Anyone?
  3. Kathy
    I can bake a bread or rolls. But theyre like lead!! I compromise using half coconut flour and half aomond flour or either only one or the other. Still lead!! Whats the secret to light fluffy bread rolls?? Am i missing something?
  4. Jan
    Marion, you CAN use vital wheat gluten, but SHOULD you? The answer is probably NOT. There is a reason that vital wheat gluten does not appear as an ingredient in any of the recipes here.


  5. Gentiann
    For people who are not intolerant to gluten, it seems to be a good idea. However, I could not find any low-carbs bread recipe that use gluten. Is it because most of the recipes with almond / coconut flour originated from the gluten sensitive crowd?
    I never had problems with gluten and I like to give it a try using coconut flour and baking powder. Unfortunately, I cannot use yeast as it needs sugar or starch to work.
  6. Nicholas
    Hi, can we use any baking powder as they seem to have that dire list of additives every time I check one out here in Blighty?

    And can greek yogurt be substituted for cream cheese?


  7. TZ
    Einkorn is a low starch grain - the original wheat before it was hybridized (see jovialfoods.com). It is real but almost as good as non-grains
    Reply: #15
  8. Gillian
    I use ground flax in my baking as it really gives a great taste, can it be used in these recipes as a sub for the psyllium husk powder?
  9. Hayley
    I had been experimenting with low carb baking a couple of months into my LCHF journey . (A very successful one for me , 12 kg down so far and feeling fantastic.). No1 Son, 18 who is a HIT enthusiast so already has a great physique joined up like a shot , but not willing to read anything , ie. actually understand what he's doing. "I'll just eat what you eat" Miss carb addicted, 12 (who routinely consumes more than a days worth of carbs in sports drinks and snacks) not really a problem if she misses out on the carb component of her meals!, still very active, insulin sensitive ... no belly , yet, not so keen . After a couple of days of oopsie bread school lunches and one very dry low carb cheese sandwich asked Miss 12 what she would like on her sandwiches for the next day . " Bread !"
    I found a couple of videos online which demonstrate the technique for making breads with psyllium husk powder. Have even been able to make them rise . Oopsies taste great with a sprinkle of pumpkin or sunflower seeds on top.
  10. Sharon
    To LCHF4life

    I tried the pumpkin bread. I could not pour it into pan as instructed. Batter was crumbly an dry. Added a bit more oil then water to loosen it up PRESSED into pan. I went over the recipe an I was correct with all ingredient amounts. So don't know why it was dry. I also think recipes need to be more detailed an explanatory
    Any comments?

  11. Michele
    Each time I have tried making a low carb bread they have come out gooey. I follow the recipe and use fresh ingredients, but I still get the same result every time.
  12. Dete
    Hi there love your recipes and recommned this lifestyle to my patients as a Dutch family doctor. I love baking and trying to get the bread right. What kind of baking powder do you use?

    Kind regards Dete

  13. Warren
    I have also started including pumpkin seed flour and flax seed powder. They are both very low in carb content and add a different dimension to the bread. I have tried to lower the coconut flours I use as this seems to have quite a high carb content.
  14. Kathy
    I realize it's very nice to have these options and have tried them but cannot stand the taste and texture of the savory breads, with the exception of Fathead dough for pizza. What is the problem eating an occasional Low Carb Bread Company bagel or bread, as they are tasty, and have a great texture- the most like bread that I've had? They don't raise my blood sugar and are high in protein.
  15. Kathy
    I find Einkhorn changes the texture of cookies (unpleasantly to me) if you use too much and the carbs are too high for low carb baking. I like using it though, and will do when I have the rare days eating off plan. Cakes are probably fine though.
  16. Ruth
    Can you make the bread without the psyllium husk? For some reason when I eat the bread it makes me real flushed!
    Should that be of concern to me?
  17. Ewa
    I would love if here was recipe for macadamia keto bread from movie "the magic pill". It looks very good! Thank you!!!
  18. Laurie
    I too would love a recipe for macadamia keto bread, maybe with a little cinnamon? :)
  19. Rachel
    "In general, I don't find the baking recipes on this site to have the detail that I'm used to seeing for baking, which is far more exacting than people realize."

    So much this. I expect a higher level of detail on measurements and instructions from a recipe. I'm not a 'cook' by any means and need all the help I can get. Given that I have guessed my way through the details and all my stuff has come out fine, but I really do prefer a more exact set of instructions.

    And yeah, my keto bread is purple, but tastes just fine.

  20. Marianne
    Iturrned the hot dog recipe into a loaf of bread, by increasing the amount to 15. It was a loaf to behold, until I took it out of the oven. It deflated, and now it's gummy.
    IS IT because I whipped the egg whites first?
  21. Joanne
    Made the Keto Seed crackers and they were delicious!!!!!!!!!!! Love them. And sooooooo good with butter.
    Question: Do you recommend storing the crackers in a air tight container or not???
  22. Dani
    I have made the keto bread rolls with great success many times, my brand of psyllium turns it purple but it tastes delicious .

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