Healthy zucchini recipes

Whether you call it zucchini, marrow, courgette, or summer squash, this popular vegetable is as healthy (and low carb) as it is delicious!

It’s no wonder some of our most popular recipes feature zucchini. Whether paired with tomato or simmered in a cream-based sauce, zucchini is versatile enough to shine no matter what you make of it.

Not only is it easy to grow and inexpensive to buy, but zucchini also has a neutral flavor that allows it to be used as a substitute for higher-carb foods.

In fact, zucchini is a bit of a chameleon, blending well in a variety of ethnic flavor combinations. Plus, it’s also a great substitute for foods like rice, fries, chips, and even bread. Is there anything zucchini can’t do?

Our latest zucchini recipes

Favorite low-carb and keto zucchini recipes

Its elongated shape makes zucchini a perfect substitute for stuffed potatoes. We tend to call these easy, baked zucchini recipes “boats.”

When cooking with zucchini, feel free to tweak the seasonings to your preference. But, to help inspire you, we have pizza boats with goat cheese, Tex-Mex zucchini boats, smoked ham zucchini boats, and even a low-carb curry chicken zucchini boat to get your creative juices flowing and your taste buds primed.

Zoodle recipes

Zucchini noodles are fondly called “zoodles.” They can be made with an inexpensive handheld spiralizer or with a veggie peeler.

For the best zoodle experience, make sure you don’t overcook them. When overcooked, zoodles can get soft and mushy. Zoodles can even be enjoyed raw. Just drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper right before serving.

Some of our favorite zoodle recipes include chicken with pesto, a yummy tuna zoodle salad, and pork skewers with a zoodle salad as a side.

Zucchini pizza and lasagna recipes

Since zucchini lends itself so well to a variety of flavors, it’s especially nice in pizza and lasagna and anything with Italian flavors.

Toss it into a pizza casserole, use it as a filler in a pizza crust base, or tuck it into lasagna as a low-carb substitute for pasta. We think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Recipes for zucchini fries, rice, and chips

With zucchini on the menu, you don’t have to miss fries, rice, or chips. Try our zucchini fries with spice tomato mayo. You may love the mayo as much as the fries!

If you’re using them as chips or in recipes that might be impacted by the excess moisture in zucchini, be sure to remove as much of the moisture as possible before adding them to a recipe.

Pressing them between clean towels, letting them air dry, sprinkling with salt, or laying them on a rack can help to dry them out a bit.

Our zucchini rice recipe uses Latino flavors. It’s delicious as it is, and this recipe has the added bonus of showing you numerous possibilities for using zucchini as a rice substitute.

If it’s chips you’re craving, we’ve got that too! Zucchini chips plain or nacho flavored? Yes, please.

Low-carb zucchini bread recipes

You may have enjoyed a sweet zucchini bread in the past, but zucchini makes excellent savory breads as well.

We’ve used zucchini to create a ciabatta roll as well as a savory, cheesy zucchini bread. Missing tortillas? There’s no need.. Try our zucchini tortillas with your favorite Mexican-style dish.