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Low-carb cookbooks usually include a recipe for this world-famous cabbage salad. Wholesome, tasty and very versatile. Throw in some seeds of dried fennel or two teaspoons coarse-grained mustard for a nice flavor accent. Moderate low carbModerate low carb92% Fat2% Protein5% Carbs2 g carbs / serving Easy 5 + 10 m5 minutes preparation10 minutes cooking time
Moderate low carbModerate low carb92% Fat2% Protein5% Carbs2 g carbs / serving Easy 5 + 10 m5 minutes preparation10 minutes cooking time

Low-carb cookbooks usually include a recipe for this world-famous cabbage salad. Wholesome, tasty and very versatile. Throw in some seeds of dried fennel or two teaspoons coarse-grained mustard for a nice flavor accent.


4 servingservings
  • ¼ ¼ green cabbage
  • ½ ½ lemon, the juice
  • 1 teaspoon 1 teaspoon salt
  • 6¾ tablespoons 100 ml mayonnaise
  • 1 pinch 1 pinch fennel seeds (optional)
  • 1 pinch 1 pinch pepper
  • 1 tablespoon 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard

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NutritionModerate low carb92% Fat2% Protein5% Carbs2 g carbs / serving


Instructions are for 4 servings. Please modify as needed.

  1. Cut away the core and shred the cabbage in a food processor or with a sharp cheese slicer.
  2. Put the cabbage in a bowl.
  3. Add salt and lemon juice.
  4. Stir and let sit for 10 minutes.
  5. Discard any excess liquid.
  6. Mix cabbage, mayonnaise and optional mustard.
  7. Season to taste.


Try the same recipe but with fennel or thin celery-root rods that you first pre-cook in lightly salted water for a few minutes. Tastes great too!

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  1. Brett Graham
    Make sure you make the mayonnaise yourself with olive oil (shop bought is made from nasty vegetable oils). It's really easy to make and you can do it in under 2 mins!
  2. Galadriel
    Instead of mayo, I use double cream; the lemon juice (or alternatively vinegar) thickens it up to mayo like consistency, and I like it better than home-made mayonnaise, which tastes a little bitter to me.
    Reply: #9
  3. Kay Ritchey
    I am starting this LCHF diet and I tried the oopsie bread substitute and I liked it the only problem I have is trying to get it off the cooking sheet in one piece it sticks any suggestions
    Reply: #12
  4. Bev Guest
    im thinking of starting the LCHF diet, but panicking slightly on the amounts of cream, butter etc to use, scary when youve been so use to low fat, fat free, and all this kind of fat was the bad stuffi
    Reply: #5
  5. Apicius
    I know how you feel, many of us like me panicked, too. Here's what I would do if I were you. In a notebook, write down all the negative symptoms you experience today before LCHF. With LCHF, I not only lost weight, I also no longer felt pain in my joints, my stomach problems disappeared, my skin got softer and less dry, my sleeping was better, my night time asthma disappeared, etc. some changes happened within a week or two.

    I wish I logged my progress. I was not expecting such a dramatic change in my body...I sporadically noticed my changes. it was like one day running up the stairs because I was in a hurry and then realizing "hey, did I just do that?!"...because a couple of months before LCHF my knee pain was so great i would not have been able to move so quickly.

    Reply: #6
  6. Nice reply Apicius.
  7. Fay
    I bought some fennel seeds recently and there is a warning on the packet, not to eat them raw. No further information was given and I have no idea either but I pass it on.
    Reply: #8
  8. spnn2536
    Im not sure what type of fennel seeds you purchased, but they are safe to eat in raw form. I wouldn't recommend eating a gallon bag full, but a few in a recipe or even after dinner are safe. It helps with intestinal problems when used in tea as well.
    If your homemade Mayonnaise is bitter, I think you will find it is because you made it with Extra Virgin Olive Oil ? Use a more bland oil, and the mayo won't have that bitter taste.
  10. Geraldine Denise Kuss
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil shouldn't be bitter, only if the acidity is over 4% which is normally stated on the label. The best Olive Oils have low acidity and you should be able to put it on a spoon and taste how bland it is. 2% acidity is fine. The less said oils are used to make raw sauces and the more acidic ones used in cooking. Cheap Virgin Olive Oil is always 5% acid or over. If it doesn't state the percentage on the label you can bet it's high acid and not very good olive oil.
    Reply: #11
  11. Geraldine Denise Kuss
    Line three should read "the less acidic oils", I couldn't edit it for some reason. But Mayonnaise is classic with olive oil .......
  12. Kaye
    I have the same problem so I sprayed with the sheet with cooking spray. It helped some but I didn't find they came up too easy even after doing that.
  13. Jacqueline
    I find coleslaw made with just mayo tastes too rich, so I add an equal quantity of sour cream which makes the dressing slightly thinner too; as well as sharper to taste.
  14. Frank
    Anyone else use Horseradish in their cole slaw? It gives it a little bite and some heat. We havent progressed to making our own mayo yet but look forward to teh day when i can convince my wife how much better it will be.
  15. Barbara Simoes
    My mom used to make coleslaw with mayo and tarragon vinegar. I think I might swap out the lemon with the tarragon vinegar to avoid the sourness of the lemon. It also has less carbs! I might add a little Erythritol, Sweet drops or Swerve. I know this diet does not like sweeteners, but I have to balance that with being able to stay on it and make it a lifestyle change. These sweeteners seem to be the most user-friendly, health-wise.
  16. debbie
    hi doctor. the meals are great and all. but i cannot make 80% of them. i am from africa and things are really different here, this is the second time i want to begin the LCHF diet. i kept eating the same meals last time then stopped, grew tired of it but i still lost some weight which i have currently gained back. I am in school now and regular cooking wont work i will have to buy real food outside. i really want to loose weight and i do not want to give up this time. please i need your help, i am 19 and i weigh over a 100kg can i succeed in this diet despite my issues?
  17. Jay
    Hey Debbie, join LCHF for Nigerians on Facebook. It's a great group and will give you ideas on how to stay LCHF compliant using our local foods.
  18. Temitayo
    Hi Debbie, i live in Africa as well and have been on the LCHF diet as well. If you are on facebook, there are a couple of groups im in that have loads of variety of african food that you can make, as well. People post their meals and recipes on those pages and you get a lot of ideas. Try ketochef and LCHF for Nigerians. All the best!
  19. Faye
    Hi do we have to work out the carb intake only I'm diabetic thanks
  20. Ray
    HI Faye I have been using my fitnesspal to track carbs and Kjl its generally not recoemended but it helps with the weight loss. My HB1AC went from 6.4 to 5 in 10 weeks and has stayed their for a year so far I have lost 30 kg. I try to limit my carbs to 60 grams per day but generally only mange to keep them around 80 grams but still enjoy the health benefits, Improved GTT, lower Hb1ac, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and improved kidney and liver functions. for the last two months I have not been counting Kjl and simply eating low carb and have not gained weight but I have not lost any more either, but the BGL have remained stable at 5. The main change when I am not counting KJl is I tend to eat more nuts, avocado and cheese and this has slowed my wegith loss, I am not concerned by that but understand why the weight loss has stopped. Counting Klj again and plan to loose about 10 kg by 2017.
  21. Edith
    Is it necessary to drain liquid off? Would that have heavy carbs? If not, I would think that would have nutritional value..
    The recipes are great and are a big help to be able to stay LCHF.
    Thank you!

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