Flexible keto and low carb lunch and dinner recipes

Finally! We’ve rounded up our favorite recipes that can be easily adjusted to match your needs. We call these meals “flex” meals because they’re made from a whole host of flexible ingredients that can be swapped in or out to suit your preferences.

If you feel a recipe has too many calories or too much fat, you can reduce the sauce or use half of the butter or mayonnaise. Nutritionally, everything else will stay the same.

Perhaps you would like more protein? You can double the amount of meat, chicken, or eggs listed in the recipe. A simple hack to lower the fat content and boost the protein is to replace chicken thighs with chicken breast.

Want fewer carbs? Reduce the veggies or replace them with low carb vegetable options, such as baby spinach and asparagus.

This flex collection features recipes that make these kinds of macro adjustments a no-brainer.

So get ready to enjoy meals that are just right for you.

Chicken and turkey

Chicken and turkey are wonderful protein sources if you are on a keto or low carb diet. By themselves, skinless poultry breasts are too lean to fit within keto and low carb guidelines.

When you use fattier cuts of poultry like thighs, legs, and bone-in with skin, you’re able to make a wider variety of mouth-watering poultry dishes.

These recipes have been chosen specifically for their flexibility so that you can customize the macros for your specific nutritional needs.


Low carb


Beef, lamb, and game

Many would say beef is the best meat to eat on a keto or low carb diet. You can also mix it up by eating lamb and game meats.

All of these options are full of flavor and have an appropriate amount of fat. Our flexible recipes allow you to increase and decrease your protein and fat based on your specific needs.

Shopping tip: Natural, grass-fed, unprocessed sources of meat are typically the healthiest choice. But keep in mind: Buying this grade of meat is not a requirement of following a well-balanced keto or low carb diet.