Chops marinated in red pesto

Chops marinated in red pesto

Are you in love with simple keto dishes? Are you in love with flavor? Well, hello, savory pork! This is a dish that you can whip up on a Wednesday night, or quickly pull together for an impromptu weekend gathering. Welcome to Flavortown.

Chops marinated in red pesto

Are you in love with simple keto dishes? Are you in love with flavor? Well, hello, savory pork! This is a dish that you can whip up on a Wednesday night, or quickly pull together for an impromptu weekend gathering. Welcome to Flavortown.
4 servingservings


  • 4 (213 lbs) 4 (1.1 kg) pork choppork chops
  • 2 tbsp 2 tbsp butter or olive oil
  • ¼ cup (2 oz.) 60 ml (60 g) red pesto
Pesto mayonnaise
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Instructions are for 4 servings. Please modify as needed.

  1. Rub the chops with pesto. Fry in a skillet with butter or oil over medium heat for 8 minutes. Flip and lower heat, simmer for 4 more minutes.
  2. Mix mayonnaise with red pesto. Serve on the side.


This meal pairs beautifully with broccoli and cauliflower in cheese and a big salad. Peppery greens like arugula also give these chops a hint of bright, earthy spice!

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  1. Margarethe
    What is RED pesto? Could you please post a recipe? Thank you.
    Reply: #2
  2. Apicius
    The version I am familiar with is taking a basic green pesto (basil, garlic, olive oil, pine nuts, etc) and adding ground paste of sun dried tomatoes that have been preserved in olive oil. If you want it spicier, you can add chili pepper. The sun dried tomatoes will transform the green pesto into red pesto, and give it a really nice flavour.
  3. Linda
    Good idea, thanks.
  4. Anna
    We have red and green pesto in the stores. Green is usually basil or Italian herb, red can be tomato or red pepper-based. Most have cheese added as well.
  5. Alison Oosthuizen
    Can anyone tell me if the mayonnaise that is used for this recipe is homemade or shop bought? I've seen some low carb books that they recommend Hellman's mayo but it does contain sugar (1.3grams per 100ml)- is this allowed for a diabetic?
    Reply: #6
  6. T
    Hellman's (if it's made with rapeseed oil instead of soybean oil) is okay. The amount of sugar in that is so small that it barely matter. In fact, most of the carbs in mayo (even those with added sugar) comes from the mustard and the lemon. But if you want to make your own there is a link in the recipe to
    Reply: #26
  7. Alison
    Thank you. Much appreciated.
  8. Andrea
    Had this for dinner tonight with the broccoli cauliflower delicious
  9. Carmen
    I had today breakfast and lunch and cooked diner, but I am actually absolutely not hungry at all. I feel very well and now I am asking myself if I should eat or leave dinner out? It would fit to the motto eat until you are satisfied. I feel satisfied right now (9pm) and don't feel like eating.
    But if I do so, I am a bit scared that I could wake up in the middleof the night raving with hunger.
    What would you recommend?
  10. Tina
    I added sun dried tomatoes to a green pesto in my food processor, and these were the best pork chops I've ever had! Can't wait to have them again!
  11. Tracey
    Love this dish even the family raved about it and so simple
  12. Ilse
    What is RED pesto? Could you please post a recipe? I live in Singapore and do not know where or how to get it. Thank you.
  13. Craig
    Google it?
  14. Susan
    OMG..... This is delicious. My husband is raving about it..... and so am I.
  15. MargieLass
    Red Pesto is basil and tomato based pesto. You may find it in the area devoted to tomato pastes , passata, pasta sauces, etc. I live in Australia, but I m sure supermarkets are probably the same everywhere.
  16. Thierry
    I looked up sun dried tomato nutrition profile, which is what makes this pesto red, and discovered that 1 cup (54 grams) has 20 grams of sugar.

    In moderation, sun dried tomato can be worked in to a LCHF diet, however, for all you LCHFer's out there, be cautious of the 'carb creep' potential here, by either adding too many sun dried tomatoes to your pesto, or alternatively, using too much red pesto sauce in your cooking.

  17. Donna
    I see "with a big salad" on some of these meal recipes. Can you please touch on what you would consider an appropriate salad (Tomatoes,cucumber...)? Also salad dressing options/ideas? Thanks! Donna
    Reply: #27
  18. Liz
    This is absolutely delicious. I used the Primal Kitchen mayo and added the red pesto. This was the best porkchop meal I've ever had. Seriously!
  19. Liz
    Delicious! I mixed the pesto with Primal Kitchen's mayo. OMG! Literally the BEST pork chop I've ever cooked! Thank you! I love the recipes you have.
  20. Elizabeth
    This says its 1 carb?? Can't be correct
    Reply: #21
  21. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Why not? I't looks reasonable to me.

    This says its 1 carb?? Can't be correct

  22. sunanda
    i dont eat pork but i replaced with lamb chops , its very low calorie and good for health, but i forcely pushed my self to eat lamb chops..
  23. joy
    I just tried this recipe today. It's good. I enjoyed it and will cook it again. I used Seggiano red pesto. Thanks for the recipe.
  24. Kat
    Has anyone tried this with green pesto? I made yesterday's meal with red pesto and don't want another red pesto based meal. In fact, I may skip this meal altogether because i made too many burgers on day 1 and am having left over burger for lunch which means I can have the left over chicken pesto for supper. I think I'll try the cauliflower rice with it. Would that be OK or do we have to strictly follow the challenge?
  25. Sean
    I had this today, and it was delicious. My pesto/Mayo was a bit thinner so I stirred it through spiralized courgette, sliced the meat and poured some of the sauce over the top. Really good.
  26. Suzanne
    What's wrong with soybean oil? I love Dukes mayo which is made with soybean oil.
  27. Kaleb
    It seems like you may worry about eating the wrong thing or too much? Don't worry lol that will take all the fun out of trying new foods and can kill your drive, speaking from experience. The rule of thumb is if it grows above ground you can eat it and there's no real limit on how much either as long as you are getting your high fats. Veggies are full of fiber which we need a lot of on this diet. Your best bet for dressing is always olive oil which can be infused with herbs, maybe add lemon or vinegar, or you could always shop some dressings for a low carb/sugar content dressing that will work, or look around for LCHF recipes to make your own.
  28. Liz
    This was so delicious! I made fried cabbage to go with it. Perfect quick dinner. The mayonnaise with red pesto was fabulous. I love all the great, easy recipes on this website.
  29. Mike
    What are the complete macros?
  30. 1 comment removed
  31. john
    So easy. Just check the pesto ingredients. I got a good one on-line. Served it with cabbage cooked slowly in butter. Delish!!!!!

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