Low-carb and keto grill

Low-carb & keto grill

A summer night with a cool breeze… the warm sun still up… and the scent of steak or chicken on the grill… Quintessential summer magic, and grilling takes center stage. Spend a little bit of time prepping sides and mains, and your summer celebrations will go off without a hitch. Make it low-carb or keto AND delicious with this collection of recipes for outdoor eating. Inspiration, here we come!


If you can, get your family and friends to lend a hand. Sharing the workload makes it faster, and the company makes it more fun. Most of the sides, dips, and sauces featured here can be made a day early and pulled out just in time for your guests. The food that will be cooked on the grill can be seasoned in advance.

For the best results take the food out of the fridge about an hour before placing it on the grill. If it is room temperature before it hits the grill, meats and other grilling dishes will become more evenly cooked.

Grillin’ with KetoConnect

In our new summer cooking show, Megha and Matt bring you tons of inspiration and also share tips and ideas on how to be even more creative in the kitchen when cooking keto and low carb. All the recipes are super simple, require no special equipment, and are highly delicious!

Side dishes

Pick and choose among low-carb friendly vegetables, preferably those in season. Serve them “as is” or enjoy inspiration for how you can prepare them, below.

Dips and sauces

You don’t need to make or buy any sauces at all when eating low carb or keto. A dollop of butter with a little sea salt sprinkled on top or good quality mayonnaise will do the trick without much fuss. Check out our guide on fats and sauces for more information.

If you feel like going the extra mile and serving delicious condiments, we have the recipes you need right here.

Marinades and seasonings

A marinade can consist of just about anything, but a rule of thumb is that it has some sort of acid to help the flavors penetrate the meat. Start by choosing a seasoning of your liking. Check out our DIY spice blends for inspiration, add a few tablespoons of vinegar, lemon juice or wine and slightly more good quality oil such as coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil or ghee.

Make your own signature marinade by experimenting with chili, garlic, Dijon mustard, or your own local spices. The longer you let you meat marinate, the more tender and flavourful it gets.

And how about salt? We believe you get the best results adding it about 45 minutes before cooking, about the same time you take your meat out of the fridge. That way, the meat gets the flavor from the salt, and the juices that accumulate on top have a chance to reabsorb. You can also add salt just before cooking; that works great too.


If you’re planning to put large, thick pieces of meat or poultry on the grill, we recommend pre-cooking it in a slow cooker first. That way, you’ll know it’s cooked through (especially important with poultry and pork) but still juicy and tender. And by tossing it quickly on the grill, you get a slightly charred surface and lovely flavor.

Meat and poultry

Pick your favorite source of protein and don’t be afraid to try new cuts of beef, lamb, pork, game, or poultry.