All diabetes success stories

  1. "It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle for health!"
  2. "Within days I stopped taking Metformin and Januvia as my levels were so good"
  3. "I am a totally different man now"
  4. "Food and fitness is the world's best medicine"
  5. "Within three months of starting a well-formulated ketogenic diet, all flares were gone!"
  6. After one year of low carb: "I am 70 years old today and have never felt better"
  7. Long-term weight loss on keto: Maintaining a 'no excuses' attitude
  8. How Abby lost 65 pounds and reversed prediabetes
  9. How do you break through a stall? Calvin’s weight-loss experiment
  10. How a thin person with diabetes reversed her type 2 diabetes
  11. Reversing type 2 diabetes in only 2.5 months with keto and fasting
  12. The keto diet: "I have come back from the dead"
  13. Graham went low-carb after 10 years of type 2 diabetes
  14. The keto diet: "Will eat this way for the rest of my life"
  15. "I am healing my brain as well as my pancreas!"
  16. The keto diet: "It has completely changed my life!"
  17. How Marc reversed type 2 diabetes on a low-carb diet
  18. How Virginia's life is different one year after going keto
  19. Minus 99 pounds and a sugar-free year – thank you, LCHF!
  20. The keto diet: From inability to walk to flying a plane
  21. How Zein manages type 1 diabetes with low carb and exercise (plus insulin)
  22. "I’m going to continue keto forever"
  23. How Leonie successfully manages type 1 diabetes
  24. The low-carb diet: Maintaining a 100-pound weight loss for over a decade
  25. How Gino reversed his type 2 diabetes by doing the opposite
  26. "Keto is now a lifestyle and not a diet"
  27. "I have never looked back, the weight just fell off"
  28. "Keto saved and changed my life"
  29. How Richard conquered his type 2 diabetes
  30. The keto diet: "Not only do I love it, but it has changed my life and body"
  31. How James came off insulin, after 20+ years with type 2 diabetes
  32. The keto diet: "my little secret lies in avocado, eggs and coconut oil"
  33. The keto diet: From hungry and exhausted to satiated and energetic
  34. "All this is possible while enjoying bacon and eggs"
  35. "Life. Is. Good."
  36. The keto diet: Reversing type 2 diabetes
  37. The keto diet: Maintaining a 150-pound loss for 10 years
  38. "I found myself again!"
  39. "Eating an LCHF diet has reversed my diabetes and changed my life"
  40. Type 2 diabetes reversed after 26 years of insulin dependence!
  41. "You can’t do that," he said. I did it anyway"
  42. "I think the pictures speak for themselves"
  43. Type 1 diabetes and LCHF – a great combination
  44. Finally, 100 sugar-free days!
  45. "My doctor was astounded, repeating “I don’t believe it!” over and over"
  46. How John Fagley reversed his diabetes by eating MORE fat
  47. Doing the impossible on a ketogenic diet
  48. Watch the best low-carb movie
  49. How to reverse diabetes and lose 93 pounds without hunger
  50. "My food became my medicine"
  51. Can a cyclist with type 1 diabetes complete a 20-day ride while eating keto?
  52. "I ignored the American Diabetes Association and the dietitians"
  53. "Golden health is golden wealth"
  54. Mats lost 66 pounds: "Keto works"
  55. "Thank you for saving my life!"
  56. The low-carb diet: "I came off the insulin within five days"
  57. How Jaques reversed his type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure
  58. How Tammy and Steve regained their health
  59. Rachel 20 months after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes
  60. How to lose weight and reverse diabetes
  61. Massive Type 2 Diabetes Improvement in 3 Months, No Meds
  62. "We are both so happy"
  63. "I’ve had a fantastic journey"
  64. "Now, here I am eights months later and 63 pounds lighter"
  65. Celebrating freedom from type 2 diabetes and obesity
  66. Fantastic Type 2 Diabetes Improvement in Only Five Months on Low Carb
  67. "Keto has worked great for me and I keep eating that way"
  68. Reversing type 2 diabetes and losing 50 pounds in three months on a keto diet
  69. How Melissa put her type 2 diabetes in remission
  70. Fixing Dad – A New Movie About Reversing Diabetes
  71. "As of today I take no diabetic medication at all"
  72. "My doctor is very impressed!"
  73. "THAT is success!"
  74. Does the low-carb effect last?
  75. "My husband got to live five more years thanks to keto"
  76. "I feel like a million bucks!"
  77. "My hunger is now SO MUCH more manageable"
  78. How to Cure Type 2 Diabetes
  79. Reversing type 2 diabetes: Sunny and Cherie
  80. "I have never ever been so light"
  81. Another dramatic reversal of type 2 diabetes
  82. "I never thought I could achieve this degree of weight loss and well-being!"
  83. "I thank my diabetes for teaching me to live a sugar-free life"
  84. "No more high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, cane or walker!"
  85. The keto diet: "My plan is to keep on doing it for the rest of my life"
  86. The keto diet: "It's unbelievable that it could be this easy"
  87. A dietitian's journey on a low-carb diet
  88. Regina did keto instead of bariatric surgery
  89. "I was told I was “diabetic” and had to go on drugs to control it"
  90. "I'll introduce myself as an ex-diabetic from now on"
  91. Two examples of a worldwide nutrition revolution
  92. "For me, it's a miracle"
  93. "In short, it works"
  94. LCHF and Diabetes  – Full Presentation With Dr. Eric Westman
  95. Fantastic diabetes reversal and 55-pound weight loss on LCHF!
  96. "I found one of your videos, that was the light in the darkness"
  97. Off all insulin, type 2 diabetes reversed and 30 kilos lost
  98. A 100 pounds lighter and type 2 diabetes reversed thanks to low carb and fasting
  99. "Overall, I now have a completely new life"
  100. Doing the impossible: reversing type 2 diabetes and losing 80 pounds
  101. Reversing diabetes – "it sounded almost too good to be true"
  102. "Whatever it is that you are doing, keep doing it”
  103. "I so wish I had this education many years ago!"
  104. "I will continue this lifestyle"
  105. "It is the best thing I've ever done"
  106. "It all turned out to be much easier than I thought"
  107. "For me LCHF = freedom and health"
  108. A thank-you letter from an elderly type 2 diabetic
  109. "The Diet Doctor changed my life!"
  110. How Debra handled her type 2 diabetes diagnosis
  111. "Diabetes diet" compared to LCHF – in reality
  112. Three-Year Old Girl Becomes Youngest Person With Type 2 Diabetes
  113. "Guess what, he’s not diabetic anymore!!!!"
  114. Stop Eating Grains, Sugar and Starches to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes in 3 Months!
  115. "Ever since that day I've been eating LCHF and no doctor in the whole world can ever change that"
  116. "I have not felt this good in 20 years"
  117. "This way of eating saved me"
  118. Making significant improvements to type 2 diabetes with a simple diet change
  119. "This is my year of change!"
  120. The success on low carb continues
  121. A low-carb story with Dr. Peter Foley
  122. "This is the happiest, healthiest and most energetic I have ever been"
  123. Another Case of Type 2 Diabetes Reversed
  124. How Antonio Reversed His Type 2 Diabetes
  125. How knowledge is power in nutrition
  126. "We don't call it 'a diet' as for us, it's about our ongoing health and it's for life"
  127. "I am now an advocate for high-fat low-carb healthy eating"
  128. 50 pounds lost while eating "plenty of yummy food" and feeling great
  129. "I'm making it my life's mission to make this stop and to educate other diabetics on this"
  130. "It has transformed my life"
  131. Diabetes Reversal in Only Four Months on Low Carb
  132. "LCHF had to be the way to go"
  133. "Their diet plan didn't seem to help a person with diabetes"
  134. Losing weight and reversing diabetes – new membership video
  135. "I am amazed at the results"
  136. "I was skeptical, but since I got to eat bacon and eggs I was in"
  137. "I can’t stop telling people about it"
  138. "So happy to know that all I have done for the last year not only worked, it worked well"
  139. "Thank you low carb for saving my life!"
  140. "My entire life has changed for the better"
  141. 60 pounds and all health issues gone on a keto diet
  142. "Thanks to LCHF, I reversed my type 2 diabetes and life Is good again"
  143. "I can’t explain the absolute joy I feel"
  144. How Kevin Benjamin reversed his type 2 diabetes
  145. "Everyone has noticed how healthy I now look"
  146. Reversing Diabetes After Only Eight Days on LCHF?
  147. Losing weight and reversing type 2 diabetes
  148. "How are you doing this?"
  149. 80 pounds lighter and no medications
  150. The keto diet: "My health has never been better"
  151. Low-carb case report: Patrick
  152. How the Miller family regained their health
  153. "I feel great and strong and life is good"
  154. Progress: -30 pounds in another 3 months, total -80 pounds on LCHF!
  155. "From shy wallflower to empowered sunflower"
  156. "It's a miracle"
  157. "This was the missing link"
  158. "I have the energy to do things I never thought would be possible"
  159. "It has been so worthwhile and enlightening"
  160. "My weight is stable and my mood is escalating"
  161. A Heart Attack Was Their Wake-Up Call
  162. A heart attack became their wake-up call
  163. "Lifeline of hope": A low-carb nurse's story
  164. How to reverse type 2 diabetes and get fitter by the month
  165. "You saved my life"
  166. "For me LCHF = freedom and health"
  167. "I feel great and am so much happier, healthier and active!"
  168. "I have effortlessly lost 20 kilos and no longer take any medication"
  169. Fantastic diabetes reversal – in only four months!
  170. Reversing type 2 diabetes and losing 27 kilos by cutting out sugar
  171. "My results speak for themselves"
  172. "I know that the low-carb lifestyle is the answer"
  173. Case report: Christian – Or how one man claims to have found the fountain of youth on low carb!
  174. “I came across your website & you saved my life"
  175. One week on LCHF: weight down and blood sugar reduced
  176. "Back from the grave"
  177. Diabetic Patient Achieves Normal Blood Glucose - in Three Days!
  178. "The biggest medicine or the biggest boon for me is butter"
  179. "That very afternoon my life was transformed"
  180. "Mine is an ongoing story that I am eager to share"
  181. "I am still amazed at the keto diet"
  182. "I came off insulin within five days"
  183. Three wives end up losing 98 pounds after helping their husbands beat diabetes
  184. 80 pounds lighter and no medications
  185. A low-carb story with Dr. Sanjeev Balakrishnan
  186. "It’s like having a new life"
  187. Dave's Big Fat Diet
  188. "Fixing Dad" - Doing the Opposite to Reverse Diabetes Type 2 – Now on BBC
  189. "I am no longer on the diabetes spectrum"
  190. "I DID it"
  191. "My Blood Sugar Was Normal... After Seven Days with LCHF and Exercise!"
  192. Type 2 diabetes reversal and 100 pounds lost in only 10 months!
  193. "I have been following the wrong advice"
  194. 80 pounds lighter and no medications
  195. I am absolutely amazed that this change has happened so quickly
  196. How this couple lost 145 pounds and transformed their lives with low carb
  197. "Today I'm cured of diabetes"
  198. Diabetes Reversed Using Low Carb on BBC – Again! – What Will Those Old-School Dietitians Say Now?
  199. "Fat was the key!"
  200. "My body is healing and I have reversed diabetes"
  201. "How do I feel? healthier, happier, more energised, more supple"
  202. The Most Amazing Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Ever?
  203. "I knew straight away that this diet was the only choice for me"
  204. "I own my life and I have decided to live long and well!"
  205. "I feel great"
  206. Living low carb with Chris Hannaway
  207. The keto diet: "The results were nothing short of miraculous"
  208. How Artur turned his life around
  209. "The nurse wanted to award me a gold medal"
  210. NYT: Hope for Reversing Type 2 Diabetes
  211. Start Eating LCHF to Drastically Improve Blood Sugar
  212. "I feel so much better"
  213. Grandfather loses 112 pounds in six months with low carb
  214. The Launch of Virta Health – Reversing Type 2 Diabetes in 100 Million People?
  215. "Feeling amazing about life again"
  216. The keto diet: "I am over the moon right now"
  217. "I still have 30 pounds to lose, but I've already won"
  218. "Diabetes is not a chronic disease"
  219. "Can you tell that I'm slightly excited?"
  220. "I feel good and do not look my 70 years, I am told"
  221. "My doctor could not believe it"
  222. "Low carb high fat is what works for me"
  223. "To my delight, it has worked!"
  224. "Yes, it is possible to reverse type 2 diabetes!"
  225. "Lack of control impacts everything"
  226. Keto diet proof

Video interviews

  • My low-carb story with Marc Gossange
  • A low-carb story with Dr. Sanjeev Balakrishnan
  • Living low carb with Chris Hannaway
  • My success story with Kenneth Russell
  • "I have been following the wrong advice!"
  • "We are not designed to be chronically ill"
  • 80 pounds lighter and no medications
  • "I knew nothing"
  • Everything goes in the right direction
  • Carbs or not for type 1 diabetics?
  • My success story with Mitzi Champion
  • How to cure type 2 diabetes
  • Get off the type 1 diabetes roller coaster
  • A revolutionary treatment of type 1 diabetes
  • Improve type 1 diabetes with low carb
  • Losing weight and reversing diabetes
  • "How are you doing this?"
  • A heart attack became their wake-up call
  • "Lack of control impacts everything"
  • How Zein manages type 1 diabetes with low carb and exercise


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