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Photo: iStockPhoto

Photo: iStockPhoto

Julie struggled with depression, overweight and type 2 diabetes. This is what happened – in five weeks – when she found LCHF.

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I’m 57 with type 2 diabetes. I started the LCHF diet 5 weeks ago and at that time I weighed 74 kg (163 lbs). I now am 64 kg (141 lbs). Not a huge weight loss as I was luckier than some. As exercise I have been walking my dogs for 2 x 30 mins per day. Easy!

The amazing things for me about this diet is that it has not only lowered my blood sugar to high normal, it has cured my depression, and given me the most incredible energy that is sustained all day.

Yes after spending my days in drug-induced sleep for years, I now just go go go all day. My house is now spotless, whereas as before I only attended to the very basics. Clean toilets, clean floors sometimes, do the washing and cooking. I love it.

As for the relief from depression, well after 37 years it’s a miracle. I used to cut myself, take overdoses and attempted suicide several times. I look forward to each day now. I plan ahead and do exciting things. I take drugs no more!

My husband is still getting used to the new me, but after dragging him through years of misery, subjecting my children to my moods, (I’m told I was still a great mother and all three of them are happy and successful, luckily) he is trying to get used to it. He gets a little annoyed at the things I do for myself now. He can’t be patient with all the changes I’m making. But I now have him about 75 percent on the diet, and soon getting him closer to 20 grams of carbs a day. He loves the new foods I am cooking and I look forward to his weight loss and the lifting of his depression soon.

My GP put my on to the Diet Doctor website and thanks to Andreas I am a new person, still with the best qualities I had before. I’m so grateful. My sisters are now on track too.

Thank you,



We’re so happy to hear that you’re successful Julie, and that you’ve been able to normalize your blood sugar, lose weight and perhaps most importantly free yourself from depression. Way to go!

I’m also gratified every time someone mentions that their doctor sent them here. I have a feeling it’s happening more and more often.

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  1. Dan
    Wow! You have an intelligent doctor not a big pharma parrot, that's awesome!

    I think GPs could actually convert more people than anyone because even when people see unbelievable improvements in others following LCHF they often say "But my doctor told me...".

    I'm curious whether your doctor is young or old!

  2. Bob Niland
    Photo: iStockPhoto
    caption is a bit off-putting.
  3. 1 comment removed
  4. Em
    Am I mistaken or was there a totally different woman in the picture yesterday?
  5. Anne
    I just started a month ago and my blood sugar results are normal on no meds. My triglycerides dropped 6 points. No more lipitor. BP normal no meds. Crave sweets no more but Crave fat & low carbs. Thanks to the truth from Dr Fung & Diet Doctor & Brian Mowll (where I first heard about Dr Fung)
  6. Agnes
    This is still a stock photo. If the person didn't provide one, please leave it out! None of us want to see "skinny" photos of people unrelated to the story presented. This is untruthful! Also makes it hard to "believe in" the story as well.

    Also, in fairness many critics of low-carb cite the five-week mark as when many low-carb dieters feel amazing and un-depressed, etc. Two weeks later they often report return of depression, climbing the walls, psychologically based cravings. Maybe success stories that overcome this initial struggle would be more useful!

  7. joe
    Actually, this is Amelia Earhart.
  8. Saila
    You story could be mine. After just 5 weeks my depression lifted too and my energy levels were something I did not even think is possible. Thank you for sharing!
  9. Harry
    Just to reply to Agnes re LCHF. I too was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and decided to go onto the LCHF (banting lifestyle) in December 2015. My diabetes is gone, no more tablets for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. No more ant histamine tablets for hayfever. No more severe headaches and having to take pain killers. In fact I have not touched one tablet since January this year. My dry skin condition is gone, my eyesight and hearing has improved. The list just goes on and on.

    I must admit that the cravings were there after a few weeks, but as it goes with anything you are addicted to, you must just persevere as it will go away. My weight dropped from 89 kilos to 75 kilos (not that my weight was a real problem) and I have maintained this weight now since May. This lifestyle works, if you WANT it to work for you.

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