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Photo: iStockPhoto

Julie struggled with depression, overweight and type 2 diabetes. This is what happened – in five weeks – when she found LCHF.

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I’m 57 with type 2 diabetes. I started the LCHF diet 5 weeks ago and at that time I weighed 74 kg (163 lbs). I now am 64 kg (141 lbs). Not a huge weight loss as I was luckier than some. As exercise I have been walking my dogs for 2 x 30 mins per day. Easy!

The amazing things for me about this diet is that it has not only lowered my blood sugar to high normal, it has cured my depression, and given me the most incredible energy that is sustained all day.

Yes after spending my days in drug-induced sleep for years, I now just go go go all day. My house is now spotless, whereas as before I only attended to the very basics. Clean toilets, clean floors sometimes, do the washing and cooking. I love it.

As for the relief from depression, well after 37 years it’s a miracle. I used to cut myself, take overdoses and attempted suicide several times. I look forward to each day now. I plan ahead and do exciting things. I take drugs no more!

My husband is still getting used to the new me, but after dragging him through years of misery, subjecting my children to my moods, (I’m told I was still a great mother and all three of them are happy and successful, luckily) he is trying to get used to it. He gets a little annoyed at the things I do for myself now. He can’t be patient with all the changes I’m making. But I now have him about 75 percent on the diet, and soon getting him closer to 20 grams of carbs a day. He loves the new foods I am cooking and I look forward to his weight loss and the lifting of his depression soon.

My GP put my on to the Diet Doctor website and thanks to Andreas I am a new person, still with the best qualities I had before. I’m so grateful. My sisters are now on track too.

Thank you,



We’re so happy to hear that you’re successful Julie, and that you’ve been able to normalize your blood sugar, lose weight and perhaps most importantly free yourself from depression. Way to go!

I’m also gratified every time someone mentions that their doctor sent them here. I have a feeling it’s happening more and more often.

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