“My doctor was astounded, repeating “I don’t believe it!” over and over”

AutioPam had fought “a losing battle” against her weight for 30 years, and she was on medication for type 2 diabetes. Then she tried low-carb – and everything changed.

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Up until last February, I had fought a losing battle against weight gain for 30 yrs. At that time, I weighed 245 pounds (111 kg). Then one of my daughters mentioned the book, The Diabetic Diet, by Richard K. Bernstein, M.D., which she had read a few years ago. Obviously it had made an impression on her. I immediately got a copy and read it. I had dabbled with the Stillman diet in the early 70s and experienced some success, but I did not associate it with low carb. To me it was ‘protein only’, and while effective, very unhealthy. Bernstein did a great job of explaining low carb. I was hooked. My daughter was game, and we started off on our low-carb journey together.

Enter dietdoctor.com. What luck to have discovered your site early on. I cannot imagine better support. The immediate weight loss was great. There were however some dry spells. One thing that gave us both impetus to persevere was my annual physical in June. I had blood test done in late May after 14 wks on the diet. My doctor was astounded, repeating “I don’t believe it!” over and over. Then she wanted to know what I had done.

Turns out all of my lab tests were in the normal range. When I explained to her about low-carb, including about virtually unlimited saturated fat, she was aghast, “But we tell our patients they must avoid saturated fats.” By the time I left her office, she had taken me off both Metformin for the diabetes discovered the year before, and Atorvastatin for cholesterol. I am to return in six months, “…just to be sure.”

In addition to the lab reports, other improvements include: a reduction in noise from tinnitus; much improved sleep habits; and elimination of G.E.R.D. symptoms (I expect to stop taking Pantoprazole after my next doctor appt.)

Now to the difficulties with inconsistent weight loss. It took a while to ‘get the hang’ of low-carb. Even when I thought I’d discovered the solution, I still suffered through up to three weeks without a loss.

Both my daughter and I tried intermittent fasting. I have finally settled on a 5/20 schedule in hopes of lowering my insulin 20 hrs a day. After watching one interview recently, I incorporated 2 tsps daily of powdered fiber into my regimen. I also have a minimum of one T of organic coconut oil each day.

In early July we stopped all dairy. I let go of my beloved cheddar cheese and started clarifying my butter. I no longer loaded my coffee down with 30% cream. (I have always preferred black coffee, anyway.)

After various ‘tweaking’, I have begun to lose weight again. I’ve now lost 28 pounds (13 kg). I am almost half way to my interim goal of 180 pounds (82 kg), in 24 wks.

At 73 I have found a lifestyle which I intend to stick to for the rest of my life. The interviews and lectures have been all important. Thanks so much for your support.

Regards, Pam Autio


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