“I have never ever been so light”

Lynne was diagnosed with pre-diabetes a couple of years ago, but discovered low-carb and within a couple of months she had reversed it.

Her husband wasn’t interested in eating low carb, but when he recently received a type 2 diabetes diagnosis, he decided to jump on board and eat the way Lynne did. Here’s what happened:

The E-mail

Dear Doctor Eenfeldt,

My husband had an Hb1Ac test on 25th April 2016 and the result came back as 82 mmol/mol. Needless to say he was shocked and frightened he was now classed as a diabetic. A couple of years earlier I had been told I was pre-diabetic, my HbA1c in 2014 was 45 mmol/mol. Thankfully, at that point I discovered your wonderful site and by April 2016 I had a reading of 36 mmol/mol. My husband’s reaction on hearing his diagnosis was to say to me, I want to eat the way you do which was something he’d not wanted to do before his initial HbA1c. This I was very pleased to hear.

On the 25th August he had his second HbA1c and this time the result was 36 mmol/mol. How amazing was that! All thanks to LCHF and no meds whatsoever. We are very grateful for the existence of your site as it’s a mine of information and I don’t know where I (and now my hubby) would be without access to your fabulous and filling recipes.

Today my husband had to visit the diabetic nurse at our local surgery for a routine check-up, and she was amazed at his results and said she’d had to check his notes to see if he was on metformin which he never has been, it’s all down to LCHF. The nurse didn’t ask what he was eating but I suspect she knew and her response to his low blood-sugar reading, was whatever it’s down to, keep up the good work! In my opinion so many of our health professionals are just not ready for this way of eating…yet. The diabetic nurse did say that despite the fact my husband has reversed his diabetes he would always be classed as a diabetic. This seems so unfair, what do you think? Many thanks to you and your team for the wonderful work you all do.

Best wishes,

I can add my husband has lost 28 lbs. (13 kg) and is the weight he was when we got married in 1975, he now weighs 141 lbs (64 kg) and is 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) tall. I too have lost 28 lbs, going from 126 lbs. (57 kg) down to 98 lbs. (44 kg). My height is just 5 feet (152 cm) and I have never ever been so light!


Congratulations to this great success to both you, Lynne, and your husband!

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