“I have never looked back, the weight just fell off”

Before and after

Before and after

It came like a shock to Christine when she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and since it scared her she decided to go on a low-fat diet recommended by her physician.

As she felt constantly hungry, she started to research alternatives, and came across low-carb. This is what happened after she threw out the carbs:

The E-mail


My name is Christine and I am from the UK but have lived here in Turkey for 23 years. I would like to thank you for all you do. 18 months ago at the age of 60, I was told I had diabetes. This came as such a shock. I also had high blood pressure and was overweight at 84 kilos (185 lbs) and I am only 5 foot 3 inches (155 cm), my fasting blood sugar was 167 mg/dl (9.2 mmol/l) (they said I needed to take meds). I was really scared and I started their low-fat diet but was so hungry on it that I started looking online to see what I could do when I came across your site about LCHF.

I must say I have never looked back, the weight just fell off and my blood sugar soon went back into a normal range for fasting between 83 mg/dl (4.6 mmol/l) to 93 mg/dl (5.2 mmol/l), and my blood pressure went down. Now I’m nearly off my blood pressure meds and I never taken any meds for the diabetes I have, I have so much more energy and I am never hungry. I still enjoy a glass of red wine on occasion.

Everyone says how different I look and I have helped two other people who were diabetic and both have come off their meds. They couldn’t thank me enough.

Keep up the good work. Everyone should be eating like this and maybe one day they all will. Here are two before and after photos, my current weight is 65 kilos (143 lbs).



Congratulations to your great success with losing weight and reversing your diabetes, Christine!

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