“It all turned out to be much easier than I thought”


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Here’s another fantastic success story! Keep reading if you want to know how Vadym was able to reverse his type 2 diabetes and shed 95 lbs (43 kg) by making three changes to his diet:

My name is Vadym Graifer, of Victoria BC, Canada. Want to share my weight-loss story in the hope it inspires someone else.

The beginning is probably going to be familiar to oh-so-many. Slowly gaining weight, year after year, craving sweets and refined carbs, collecting little aches and annoyances, accepting them as unavoidable companions of the aging process. Peaking at 260 pounds (118 kg), getting scared, trying to shed weight with some, albeit little, success, and finally setting around 240 pounds (109 kg), 44 inches (112 cm) in the waist. A few years like this, with high blood pressure controlled by a medication, and then at the age of 52 thunderous verdict – type 2 diabetes. A1c clocking 9.2, Metformin prescription going up after each next test, and the usual litany of “eat frequently, eat carbs, and if you deteriorate slowly, well, this is that kind of a disease.”

A year after the diagnosis, I finally took control of my situation, experimenting and slowly formulating my approach. Eventually, it came to three aspects. First was LCHF, with replacing sugary and starchy foods with healthier equivalents – for instance, celery root instead of potato, black bean pasta instead of wheat, coming up with my own recipe for a chickpea-buckwheat bread, etc.

Second, introducing fermented foods in my menu – that turned out to be not only highly beneficial but also delicious. Moving beyond sauerkraut, I learned to make kefir, cultured butter and a lot of other things, becoming less and less dependent on store-bought cra… umm, products.

All that helped me lose 24 pounds (11 kg), and then I finally found the way to speed up my weight loss process. Intermittent fasting coupled with low carb took me down another 50 pounds (23 kg) in 9 months, so I finally settled at 165 lbs (75 kg) which is my ideal weight. My waist is 36 inches (91 cm), 8 inches (20 cm) narrower. See my before and after pictures. Oh, and my A1c is under 6 now with no Metformin whatsoever. Blood pressure too stays normal without medication.

My wife joined me on this journey and lost over 40 pounds (18 lbs) as well.

Three comments I want to make here:

  1. It all turned out to be much easier than I thought, for both of us. One would think to lose that 75 pounds (34 kg) overall is difficult and requires huge discipline etc. – nothing even close. It was and remains fun, easy and highly exciting.
  2. We both feel as if we returned back in time by 25 years. Last time we felt like this was when were 30. All the little pains and aches went away, energy is through the roof, and feeling in control of your destiny – not much can compare to that.
  3. I have zero doubt about this weight loss being sustainable. It doesn’t involve suffering, limitations, cravings. You don’t need the discipline to maintain an enjoyable way of life.




Thank you Vadym for sharing your story – it’s fantastic!

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  2. bill
    Well done. Any strange unpleasant comments from people in the medical profession?
  3. Tamarah
    Well Done Sir,, You look amazing and it sounds like you feel the same . It just makes me so sad the struggle it is to get the world on board with this plan. There is still just so much stigmatism out there toward the LCHF , IF community . Its unfortunate for sure .
    well,, I know the truth ,, and I am sticking to what works,, and am so happy I will never be on the YoYo train again .

    good day all


  4. deborah
    Wonderful news. Could you please share your chickpea-buckwheat bread recipe? A *little* buckwheat seems a good addition to LCHF diet for those of us -- like me -- with colon disease (what's left of mine!). Dr. Rangan Chatterjee's info has me adding specific foods to feed my colon, something all too neglected in the modern diet. https://www.dietdoctor.com/member/presentations/rangan
    Your creativity in leading you to success is inspiring. Thank you!
  5. Pollyana
    Is Buckwheat ok in a Lowcarb diet?

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